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 The Conservative Case for Obamacare

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PostSubject: The Conservative Case for Obamacare   10/3/2012, 3:13 pm

And this is by the global warming denying American Enterprise Institute, to boot...

The Conservative Case for Obamacare

Quote :
The core drivers of the health care act are market principles formulated by conservative economists, designed to correct structural flaws in our health insurance system — principles originally embraced by Republicans as a market alternative to the Clinton plan in the early 1990s. The president’s program extends the current health care system — mostly employer-based coverage, administered by commercial health insurers, with care delivered by fee-for-service doctors and hospitals — by removing the biggest obstacles to that system’s functioning like a competitive marketplace.

Chief among these obstacles are market limitations imposed by the problematic nature of health insurance, which requires that younger, healthier people subsidize older, sicker ones. Because such participation is often expensive and always voluntary, millions have simply opted out, a risky bet emboldened by the 24/7 presence of the heavily subsidized emergency room down the street. The health care law forcibly repatriates these gamblers, along with those who cannot afford to participate in a market that ultimately cross-subsidizes their medical misfortunes anyway, when they get sick and show up in that E.R. And it outlaws discrimination against those who want to participate but cannot because of their medical histories. Put aside the considerable legislative detritus of the act, and its aim is clear: to rationalize a dysfunctional health insurance marketplace.

. . .

The rationalization and extension of the current market is financed by the other linchpin of the law: the mandate that we all carry health insurance, an idea forged not by liberal social engineers at the Brookings Institution but by conservative economists at the Heritage Foundation. The individual mandate recognizes that millions of Americans who could buy health insurance choose not to, because it requires trading away today’s wants for tomorrow’s needs. The mandate is about personal responsibility — a hallmark of conservative thought.

IN the partisan war sparked by the 2008 election, Republicans conveniently forgot that this was something many of them had supported for years. The only thing wrong with the mandate? Mr. Obama also thought it was a good idea.

. . .

Clear away all the demagogy and scare tactics, and Obamacare is, at its core, Romneycare across state lines. But today’s Republicans dare not own anything built on principles of economic conservatism, if it also protects one of the four horsemen of the social conservatives’ apocalypse: coverage for the full spectrum of women’s reproductive health, from birth control to abortion.

Social conservatives’ hostility to the health care act is a natural corollary to their broader agenda of controlling women’s bodies. These are not the objections of traditional “conservatives,” but of agitators for prying, invasive government — the very things they project, erroneously, onto the workings of the president’s plan. Decrying the legislation for interfering in the doctor-patient relationship, while seeking to pass grossly intrusive laws involving the OB-GYN-patient relationship, is one of the more bizarre disconnects in American politics.

It's not often you see an honest, factually based article from them. That fact alone should be quite telling...
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PostSubject: Re: The Conservative Case for Obamacare   9/16/2013, 10:15 am

POLL: Even Americans Who Oppose Obamacare Don’t Want GOP Lawmakers To Sabotage It

Quote :

Even among the Americans who say they’re opposed to Obamacare, there’s not necessarily widespread support for Republican efforts to dismantle the entire law, according to the results from a new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center and USA Today.

About 42 percent of the people who say they disapprove of health reform think that public officials “should do what they can to make the law fail,” while a narrow majority — 51 percent — actually believes that lawmakers should do what they can to make Obamacare work.

And that’s just among the people who don’t like Obamacare to begin with. When put into context of the general population, researchers found that amounts to just 23 percent of Americans who want to undermine the health law to make it fail:

Please proceed Senator Cruz lol! 
Even when the results are broken down by party lines, there isn’t necessarily widespread GOP support for sabotaging Obamacare. About 85 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say they don’t like the law, but just 43 percent of that group actually want their lawmakers to work to make it fail. On the other hand, 37 percent think the law’s opponents should try to make it work as best as possible.

The Pew/USA Today poll does find one pocket of broad support for undermining Obamacare, however: Tea Party Republicans. A big contrast emerges between those far-right conservatives and more mainstream GOP voters. Sixty four percent of Tea Partiers who oppose the law want elected officials to try to make it fail — an approach that’s favored by just 31 percent of the Republican voters who say they don’t align themselves with the Tea Party.

That contrast is reflected in the current political fight over Obamacare in Congress. While some far-right Tea Party members have pushed to defund Obamacare by shutting down the federal government, that radical approach doesn’t have the support of their more mainstream colleagues. Over the past month, Republican leadership has moved to distance itself from the hard line Tea Partiers who continue to advocate for defunding the health law. And another recent poll found that just seven percent of Republican voters actually favor trying to block Obamacare by stripping funding from it.

Health reform’s opponents typically tout Obamacare’s unpopularity, and it’s certainly true that the health law doesn’t poll well. But that’s likely because of the politicized controversy swirling around the law as a whole. Research has consistently found that people are still confused about what Obamacare actually does — something that the new Pew/USA Today findings confirm yet again. But there tends to be broad support for many of Obamacare’s individual provisions, which people don’t necessarily realize are due to the law.
Please proceed Tea Party Wackos lol!
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The Conservative Case for Obamacare
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