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 You Know You're A Conservative When...

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PostSubject: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 8:37 am

You Know You're A Conservative When...
How To Tell If You're A Conservative

By Ken Kupchik

Since almost no one is willing to identify with the GOP these days, it can be difficult to diagnose conservatism. Here are some tips to help determine if you are a conservative:

10) You refused to share your toys in kindergarten, saying it would put you on a dangerous path to socialism.

9) You get angry when there are choices for languages on an automated call because you still don't have a good grasp on English.

8 ) You hate those "elite Hollywood liberals" but refuse to cancel your Netflix account.

7) You go to tea bagger rallies because you have no job thanks to the recession that "started under Obama."

6) You watch Fox News, but unlike most people actually take it seriously.

5) You become absolutely livid about imaginary tax increases.

4) You are against wasteful programs like Medicare, but also against cutting waste from programs like Medicare.

3) You criticize Michael Moore for his weight, without being able to refute a single claim that he makes in his documentaries.

2) You can enter any collective noun into the following sentence "The ______ are screwing everything up" except for the correct ones.

1) You find yourself saying "no" even to things that you actually want, like ice cream, and health care.
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 10:59 am

Repo, Demo, Liberal, Conservative, Grass Root Organizations:

Here's what is wrong with all of you:

You can't stand on your own merits. Nope, you need Acorn and its affiliates, you need "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine".

You need all these pittally little people to donate tons of money in your coffers so you can let corporate America continue to send jobs overseas....then wonder what the hell happened to "Made in the USA".

You need someone sticking up for the poor while funneling money to the states disquised as "stimulous money" that required millions to only have 7 homes "weatherized.

You funnel so much money to medicaid that only winds up in the IBM regulating everything against anyone deserving that kind of money, and leaving IBM with billions in their pockets.

You have had a past president ignoring Al Queda, blaming the next president for falsely claiming a war in a country, had we allowed it to be left alone, we wouldn't be in this predicament. It has now become the Afghanistan war, and now we're going into another little country that knows no laws, breeding even Americans, to be cell terrorists.

But yet, we still pour money in those little cell "countries" so they can continue to arm themselves in the declared "We sacrifice death as much as you embrace life". A religious war that had been going on for years, and if left alone, wouldn't have amounted to this. We just joined new cells all over the world, that no amount of money can cure.

It will only get worse.

When the Repos and the Demos fight among themselves...who's left standing? The very people that support them.

Those countries can be better dealt with by withdrawing and allowing us to look inside from the outside. Money better spent deporting illegals, closing borders, and fighting with drones.

Instead, we have career politicians, and when things don't go their way and there's a chance they may not get elected, they change parties, beliefs...anything they can sell to you to make you think they represent you.

No, it doesn't matter who the politician(s) said/say; they are out for themselves. They put us in this mess, and think pouring more and more money into the problem will fix it.
So what do they do? Close Cline Bridge. It's so impossible to fix our bridges, but we can fix other countries that sit there, reproduce and raise terrorists.

We can repair all poor nations, but we can't build or repair a bridge.

The priorities? Par for the course.

I interrupt our President (POTUS) from his golf game, to bring you this message......

A kid had a little bout with a surf board, I was interrupted. Then I had to wait for the guy to deliver a message - a strong message- to these terrorists (my teleprompter was left at the White House, which, by the way, I didn't paint it black), and by the time the 12 year old got out of the hospital, I got down to the other priorities...."

The whole USA is full of pigs of politicians. Unless you hold political office, YOU're ALL PIGS. No more Repos, Demos, no POTUS, but a POS. All you politicians lied...all of you. Transparency is no word in your vocabulary, from local, state, all the way to the POS in the White House. He's on vacation, and can't be concerned about STIMULUS money OUTFITTING airports, with X-RAY machines.

And for those of you that are bringing up hidden piercings, boob-enhancing...if you're so proud of it, why would you care if they showed up on an xray while going through the airport. This country is getting so ridiculous, I'm about to join my friend, moving to China where the jobs are. Or, maybe Farmer Joe from Michigan, where the immigrants fled, and moved his business to Mexico where he is now a billionaire.

If you can't beat them, (the politicians), well, join the other side.


Get rid of the Democratic Congress, hold a new election based on experience, and leadership, and keep our money at home.

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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 11:03 am

Quote :
You need all these pittally little people to donate tons of money in your coffers so you can let corporate America continue to send jobs overseas....then wonder what the hell happened to "Made in the USA".

Seriously? Suspect I figured that would be something unions would be against.
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 11:15 am

Really...as UNION carpenters, my nephew's been out of work since August. His uncle, since last March. Think they aren't mad?

There's a new hospital going up 3 miles away from its present location. The nephew can outpace any drywaller from Mexico. The uncle does trim....Silver Cross won't respond to the unions...

Joliet has its own Mexican community. $8.00 an hour for not going to school for four years to earn your union card, and do things the codes call for. Instead the ones that get this contract(s) hire those illegals.

You don't think there's some political hack behind this? It's to be built now, done by 2012...outside contractors, that don't file taxes. You get what the administration in Washington hands you.

Just like the idiots in Gary were yelling they should hire them to build another sub-par Cline Bridge.
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 11:29 am

Forgot what you meant, Her....I see your point, but damnit, the kids going on 30 and 40, pay huge dues, and deductibles on their insurance. Are required to keep going back to school. It's not their fault, if anything, it's the union presidents' and such.

This is what is wrong with America. America that not much longer "WILL BE".
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 11:55 am

UrRight wrote:
Really...as UNION carpenters, my nephew's been out of work since August. His uncle, since last March. Think they aren't mad?

I'm sure they are; I am too. I just wasn't sure if you were suggesting the left was responsible for such outsourcing. I remember the "we're improving their standard of living by sending them our jobs" as conservative schtick.

Doubt it will change, though. Especially if the public can't afford to buy goods made by workers making over 2 cents an hour.
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   12/29/2009, 2:49 pm

There's 3 things wrong in America:
The war fought by my father, uncles, granfathers, brothers were about keeping America free. The wars that are fought today, multiplying are based on religious radicals. Leave them alone. Let them kill each other. They don't want us there to upset their 300 year war, and I don't blame them.

We manufactured our own goods after WWII. We were proud of "Made in America". I can remember "Miss Elaine" (manufactured, hand-made, beautiful nightgowns made in Missouri in the seventies, suddenly leaving a small town, to locate in Mexico where labor was less than the $4.00 an hour my aunt, gram, mom made. Which returned them to being housewives.

Didn't dawn on me then, but having my dad in a business, shipping lime from MO to Chicago for the steel mills, after he retired, the poor guy who took his company car, ran the place, only to have it shut down by the EPA for health reasons, early 1989, the place is still there, imposing so called "health problems", was donated to the EPA who never got around to tearing it down. Lime, to this day, still remains there. The ships/barges that dragged the lime, picked and dumped by the crane guy, shipped to steel mills that disappeared, the pickling plants..all because it was just so damn wrong to mess with the Environment, all still remains there. Torrence Avenue, on 130th Street, make a left then a left, and right by the harbor, there sits the empty buildings.

Marble Lime Company was the competitor. I wonder if they still are there. Everything was taken overseas. My dad was lucky to retire. Poor guys around him left long, long ago. Manufacturing jobs, printing, everything is gone. The computer age came...and it's going strong, promoting cells to eventually take over the grand ole' USA. We fought for freedome before. Now the past administrators (PIECES OTUS), who haven't an ounce of fighting in a war, are continuing the wars that has nothing to do with our freedom. We can remain free, by getting the hell out of their countries. We're only provoking them.

We have no money cuz we stuck it in needless wars. Even if it were for good reasons, we don't have the women here manufacturing while the men are gone, to keep food on the plates.

Instead, we have POTUS telling us, the whole world is against us, and here, "take a couple billion to rebuild the world of yours we destroyed..."

Our borders are not secured.

We have illegals doing the jobs...where if you went to Mexico, would you be able to walk in, and work for what is probably now more than what we work for? Yeah, it is, cuz at least they are working.

The POTUS gives away money that doesn't even belong to us. If he'd at least stick it on Cline Avenue, maybe we'd see one ounce of improvement among thousands of things that need improving. I have no respect for anyone condoning this war, and more wars that are erupting. We have no right going into any country telling them what to believe in, and quit fighting.

We need to get the hell out of their business and start focusing on preserving what is left of the USA. Unions, or not. I am in favor of unions. I'm not in favor of all these creeps giving money to the POTUS to do what they want, or giving money to lobbyists. Everyone should pull the money out of their own pockets and run on merit. No more campaign money, and if you want a commercial, pay for it yourself. No more favors. Return America to what it was before TV and the internet. Money is not the root of all evil. Greed is. 90% of the Congreessmen are millionaires. Guess what? I'll vote for the grass-root tea party.

Had it up to my neck with all this money flying around, kiss my azz, and "I'll kizz yours". Ain't gonna happen with me anymore. I'lll vote for the Green Party. I've had it with both Repos and Demos. They are all full of crap. Any money they can make is what their career is about. Taking back America is what I believe in. Bring back the jobs and tell the world to buy from us. Screw any other country that makes our Flag. I'll be a Betsy and make my own before I buy from China, Tiawan, Pakistan...the very people we borrow money from (China), only to buy back their inferior goods. I wish the USA would unite and tell the politicians to go to hell and bring plumber JOE in to rule the world.

Here's the truth: until they start favoring Americans, kick the illegals out, quit printing fifteen different languages to take a road test to read English signs, the politicians can kiss my butt.

Unions are and were there for a reason. It's the bosses that need the boot. The workers need to take back their unions, kick the greedy bosses out on their azzes and start all over. If there was any USA made thing in this USA, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Use vinegar to clean....peroxide, natural ingredients. Quit buying from stores anything you can use naturally to clean. Don't buy store crap; buy local farmers and do as our parents did...can it. Make your own soap. Use the washline, and live as much as you can without the foreign "aid" that's reversed in disquise.
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PostSubject: Re: You Know You're A Conservative When...   

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You Know You're A Conservative When...
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