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PostSubject: Obamacare   2/10/2011, 4:02 pm

On Obama care...it is against the tenth amendment of the United States' Constitution. It will not pass because the FEDERAL gov't CANNOT dictate to the individual states to institute what is already instituted in individual state laws.

A perfect example is..if you have Medicaid in any state..you are not covered in another state even if you have an emergency such as a heart attack in Michigan, with three months of visiting nurses...IL would not cover saving my life to MI doctors, thus I was written off as a hardship case....and some Dr. Expenses were not forgiven. That was back in 1996.

My caseworker in IL would not return calls to the Drs or the Visiting Nurses' Association seeking reimbursement. Even when they said they would return the call in an hour...two hours later they waited and no return calls.

When I got home three months later questioning the caseworker, the three hundred pound deadbeat caseworker why she lied about answering phone calls and would get back to those who saved my life, seeking reimbursement...her reply was that..."oh, I called...they said you were out, swimmingr in the lake".

White man, caseworker happened to walk by at the time, seeing me cling to the heart pillow, tears streaming down my face for the lack of compassion, the lies..asked me right in front of her what was wrong....and right in front of her...told me to file a "grievance" against her, and assisted me right then and there in her presence we filed. She not only lost her job, but hopefully the weight it caused her to obtain sitting on her azz.
I remember bawling my eyes out...and a white caseworker walked by and asked me what was wrong...he me right in front of her to file a grievance against her, which he helped me with.
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PostSubject: Re: Obamacare   2/10/2011, 4:12 pm

Gotta go bleeding out of left ear...fell on ice last night. Gotta go. Tried omitting last two seNtences. Gosh I gotta go. Can not wait to see if I wake up or not. Another concussion.
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