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 What's Our World Coming To?

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PostSubject: What's Our World Coming To?   1/18/2011, 2:17 pm

Just about almost an hour and half ago, a student entered Gardena School, which holds 3,000 students.

He had a gun in his backpack. So far, all they can tell you on CNN is that the student was either 14 or 15, had dropped the backpack and the gun "accidently went off and shot three students".

Parents were urged not to rush to the scene.

What is this non-sense about "gun-control" when a 14 or 15 year old can go into a huge school, and this happens.

It was in LA.

What has our world come to?

I saw them lead the suspect away, and can't tell if he was white, black, hispanic. Doesn't matter.

The talk of "gun control" is useless until they close the borders.

I can't fathom sending my child to school today, having to worry if someone will enter with a gun.

Most are from the drug cartel...we have to close the borders.

Why is Napo, the witch, stopping the fence? Isn't that more important HERE where the kids can't even go to school safely?

We have more killings here than in the wars. I just wish everyone in the world would mind their own business, and the USA enforce the U.S. Constitution. How hard is that?

Change one amendment: no babies born from illegals are to automatically become citizens...and all illegals with their kids go back home. Volunteer or be arrested.

You made the problem; we didn't. You drained our resources, our social outreach for those that were meant for...you kill each other here in the US.

You destroy our school systems, DHS, up our economic problems.

The real question is: Why are the US politicians so damn dumb when it comes to following the laws of illegals entering this country, multiplying like rabbits and not holding them and sending them back, billing the Mexican Piece of Shit President?

Right is right. Wrong is Wrong. Common sense...is all it takes to distinquish between the two.

If this shooter is white, a citizen, throw him away.
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PostSubject: Re: What's Our World Coming To?   1/18/2011, 4:03 pm

How did you go from gun control to ranting on illegals?
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What's Our World Coming To?
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