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 Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell

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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty
PostSubject: Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell   Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty9/12/2010, 1:04 pm

There's an ad for healthcare workers to be hiring Spanish-speaking only LPNs, whatever.

I am so sick of trying to find jobs that require you to speak English and Spanish.

How do these people get health care benefits if they can't speak English, yet get a choice as to what type of person can give them the care, "only if you know Spanish".

Is this Mexico, now?

We require experience, education, pass the Constitutional test in H.S., go to college, only we're told we must know SPANISH...

There was an ad on Craigs' list, just for the heck of it, someone wanted a nanny...I was gonna apply.

Guess what...I was told I must know ARABIC!

You know what I wrote back? You're a burden on the kid's education if you don't teach that child ENGLISH!

If you can afford a nanny, and insist they speak Arabic, go back to Arabia.

You nuts out there..you immigrants...LEARN ENGLISh.

Those are the jobs they are talking about that the "American's won't work". Right, cuz how do you communicate in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, or be bilingual as a requirement for any job?

I'm sick of you illegal or legal immigrants that want to live like high-horses in America and demand (disriminate) against the English language, thereby depriving us of real jobs.

You also are a burden, legal or not, if you insist on sending your kid to school speaking foreign language and insisting on taking time away from students that were brought up with the main language our country uses, and then bitch about how a failure the school is.

Either go back to your country of origin and send the kid to school there, or quit discriminating on regular jobs that say...."Bilingual a MUST". Go back to to Mexico, Arabia...I ain't putting up with those ads. I answer them right back and sock them with the truth.

How in the hell do Arabians hold jobs downtown, live in high-rises, hold top paying jobs but demand you speak Arabic TO THEIR KIDS WHO ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THE FUTURE?

Go home, if you don't speak English, you had someone else to take your test for you to become a citizen.

Just leave, will ya?

Take your silk gowns and headpieces with you. We don't need you here. GO!

found quite a few ads asking for caregivers in the Northwest Indiana portion/asking for help but must speak their language.

Looks like it's time to file discrimination lawsuits...cuz who is breaking the laws on nationality or country of origin...this is my country. YOU are required to speak MY language unless you're on a visa...

To all you businesses that tell you that you must be able to speak Spanish...I'll start investigating your businesses - that is discrimination. English is the spokien and national language here. You have no right to open a business catering to non-English speaking employersl. It's a barrier and leads to discrimination. I'm sick of those damn ads requiring real Americans to stoop to that level to work for someone that rode the system.

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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell   Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty9/12/2010, 1:10 pm

Looks like if I qualify for a job and they tell me I am qualified, except I need to be bilingual...I got an aggravating, discrimating case against them. I think I'll do it like FreeTime...only she wasn't qualified. for her job.

When they tell you that you are qualified except for the fact you need to know another language, Arabic, or spanish...that's discrimination...

Even cops call in tranlators when they need them; doesn't make them disqualified for the few that don't respect the American language...I mean, my GOD, even thugs claim they speak no English after they enter court and use that for an excuse for whatever...holding up the court system...it's a known fact. That's why our schools are failing...cuz they cater to parents too damn lazy to teach their kids the English language. Why do we put up with this shitz when it is discrimination, at least in my eyes...

Who filled out their busness' license, who passed their Constitutional test, who passed them on the DMV thing?

Somebody that looked like them, could take their place and pretend they are them, is the way I look at it. How do they survive on bicycles collecting junk, stealing junk not being able to hold a job because they don't know English? Something is going on here, besides closing the borders....they have got to make English the national language a MUST! If you are here illegally, and can't speak English, I assume you are illegal and from a drug cartel, reside in a three story building with mattresses thrown around to accommodate all of you illegals...that would be the only reason for you to be here. Not to mention legal people needing a hand to hold you up temporarily, you are robbing those that need it as a crutch....and you cost us sooo much money, just making babies and insisting to still keep your lifestyle no different from where you came. It must be a life-long vacation for you idiots.

I'm talking in Joliet where their ads insist you speak spanish...oh, what a case for me.....firms...not Craig's list.

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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell   Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty9/12/2010, 1:40 pm

Just to give you an example of what a barrier it is...I had my car FULL to the tilt, and the trunk...with clothing left behind at a friend's house downstate. Some stuff was personal stuff, which we left behind.

The clothes were sitting in a room full of clothes from the floor to the ceiling for 5 months. I thought he wanted me to clean them out, bag them so he could return them to her. I mis-understood him...he loaded MY car with her shitz.

I came home, had my girlfriend go through the stuff to see if there was anything we could wear, asked neighbors, and as it turned out it dwindled to not even nothing...I was stuck! Some stuff we left outside of my car in the driveway, too tired to stuff it all back in.

The next day...sitting by my window...trying to recoup the energy to drop it off at the Goodwill Box...I was suddenly approached by a Mexican lady who could only communicate through sign what she wanted to say...and that was...can I take by "car"? I said, not realizing she didn't know English....please,, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL....I noticed her husband on a bike also, had his plastic small grocery bags stuffed already, and I told the woman, gesturing...where do you live...where do you sleep, I follow you give you EVERYTHING!" Yes, Yes...she said...

I still thought at that point she understood what I was saying...told her, "WAIT, pointing down to the grown...ME GET KEYS, follow you in car...where you live?" Down there pointing down the street...ran right back out, they were gone!

Had they known I was speaking English and had they known English...they would hit the gold mind...there were children and adult women clothing, purses, shoes, you name it...I really wanted the stuff to go to someone who needed it, not someone who had to buy it.

I traveled up and down - left and right...the husband was very eager to leave while I was trying to communicate with his wife that I would drive my car to where they live and they could have everything.

Instead, I guess the husband thought I would go after him for robbery and gestured her to get on her bike and disappear.

I ended taking three trips to the Amvet box...I still had stuff I wanted to get rid of and as I drove up to the Amvet box, an Amvet box with two idiots were standing next to the box that was almost full...I asked for their help in sticking the stuff in...at this point, everything was out of bags.... they said, "No, we gotta go..." I looked inside the box and it was almost filled and that made me furious. They actually did not go there to do their duty and empty the box...NOT working while getting paid...that box was almost full and it was a huge box...I had to hit bags out of the way to dump what I wanted dumped in.

They refused to help me...and my last words to them were, "If it were not for people like me, you wouldn't have a job paying you to sit in a truck alongside a box you didn't bother emptying." Thanks for caring.

I got their license number and am reporting them to the Amvets. I observed them during the time they pulled up and to see if they were emptying the box, and then ask if I can just throw my stuff on...they sat in their trucks, didn't unload anything from the box...they saw me pulling up and started up the truck, refusing to help me unload.

What they didn't know was...I was gonna wait for them to empty the big yellow box by LEGENDS and then ask for help.

They sat there for quite awhile until I approached them and told them I saw them not unloading anything from that box, so what the hell were they doing...pretending?

"And, where is your conscious?" I told them I will be reporting them first thing Monday a.m. to the headquarters, that I have their license number, time and date.

Yes, my friends...they sat in the truck pretending they emptied out that huge yellow truck...and didn't move a damn thing out of the over-the-stack, filled up box.

Getting paid to do nothing, yet the Amvets charge more than a regular store for less than acceptable merchandise.

Unbelievable that an organization can be corrupt, supposedly out to help mankind.

Luckily, some other charitable guy pulled up and helped me unload everything...I helped him. The biggest thing was a brand new suitcase...black...full of clothes...had he not helped me, I would not have been able to lift it out of the car and throw it through the window.

I will boycott Amvets...forever. The other discount places are so grateful, they come out and unload everything themselves and thank you so very much. To hell with the Amvets. Pricey prices for stuff cheaper at the dollar stores.

Back to the real point: Had those Mexicans known a little more ENGLISH, they would and could have had three car loads of crap - even bedspreads, pants with store tags on them...but they didn't know English and could not comprehend that I was so happy that they could have everything.

That's why there needs to be ENGLISH ONLY out there. How can you become a legal immigrant if you know no English? How can you get a drivers' license not knowing English...even if given in Spanish...why turn them loose on a road with signs in English?

We need to deport them for our own sake. For own economy...for our own survival. No more "MUST SPEAK SPANISH" crap. Who the hell gives them a business licence that discriminates against legal people that learn the language, pay thousands, take tests and enter the right way...otherwise you end up like those two adult people in their late forties driving bikes with empty shopping bags, looking for stuff to take before you even ask....
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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell   Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty9/12/2010, 1:49 pm

I meant yellow box, not truck and forgive my miss-spelled words..license. I can't get back to the right side to correct it.

Administrator: I really wish you would put those three boxes on the bottom to revise, delete or whatever.

I also wish you would not have to force me to go to the top to get to the next page.....

All should be on the bottom...including going to the next page.

Thank you.

I managed to get to the original post and correct the above... what I left out was the 2 guys were standing outside the box as I observed from the intersection and yelled, wait...wait..I'M COMING (ASSUMING THEY ALREADY EMPTIED THE BOX AND ASSUMED i COULD SAVE THEM TIME BY JUST THROWING MY STUFF ONTO THEIR TRUCK..." BY THE TIME I ENTERED THE STARDUST PARKING LOT, THEY WERE IN THEIR TRUCK AND WOULD not help me unload, saying they had to go.

They immediately took off, and did nothing to empty that box that was filled to to the top.

I observed them standing outside for a few minutes until I was able to get to them and they suddenly jumped in the truck and said, "Not my job". (To help me unload my stuff to their truck or in the box). One white guy, and one black driver...time, day and license plates...hope they like getting fired.
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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell   Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell Empty

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Want Ads: Must speak Spanish...Go To Hell
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