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 An honest critique of our healthcare reform.

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PostSubject: An honest critique of our healthcare reform.   3/29/2010, 8:12 am

Via Denialism Blog.

A fairly lengthy article highlighting both the pros and the cons, and accurately, IMHO. And it points out how continued denialism hurt the discussion:

Quote :
So not surprisingly healthcare reform doesn't look like what I would make if I were benevolent dictator of the US. But hey, that's our country, that's what compromise looks like. The problem, and this is where the denialism comes in, is that in this debate one side isn't interested in any solution. Being as apolitical as I can be one can reach no conclusion but that the Republican party has simply become unglued by this issue, and it's a damn shame. The arguments against universal health care are divorced from fact. From the conservative economic standpoint of controlling cost, one can not defend our current system. The evidence clearly points to an escalation of costs far out of proportion to other universal systems. Universal systems around the world provide better care for half as much per capita, or less, with universal access. From the point of view of a health-care worker concerned about fair distribution of care the current system is indefensible. It simply does not make sense, economically or from a public health point of view to continue having the insured unjustly subsidize the the uninsured, and to treat our critical care access as a primary care office. The way the opposition uses denialist tactics, like cherry-picking stories from the three single-payer systems to make it look like universal health care can only look like the socialized systems is dishonest. And finally, the hysterical arguments about death panels, communism, and loss of choice are just absurd conspiracy theories. They act as if any system created will be written in stone but the reality is it will be fluid and we can adjust it as needed to suit the demands of voters. The advantage of public involvement in health care is that public institutions are actually accountable to voters, rather than stockholders. The incentive of a more public system will be for greater responsiveness to the citizenry, rather than serving a select group of individuals with a financial stake in people not receiving medical care.

Quite a revolution, teabaggers.
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An honest critique of our healthcare reform.
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