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 You HAVE to be STUPID to Pass This LAW!!!

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PostSubject: You HAVE to be STUPID to Pass This LAW!!!    7/9/2011, 8:26 pm

I've often cited Indian's stupidity when it comes to the modern law, and backward laws. Nothing beats this...I believe I read the same thing is happening or did happen in IL.

Welcome to the gangs, kids. You won't need to sign loans, forge documents, print your name and then "WRITE YOUR NAME UNDERNEATH THE PRINTED NAME". Why? Because the politicians are that damn, stupid. That's why they work where they work. It doesn't take an education, kids. It only takes knowing some uncle, aunt, husband, etc.

Indiana..you suck! I would die before I would send my kid to any of your schools under this latest passage of law.

You may as well be co-dependents on the gang-bangers. You politicians are really as stupid and low as you can go! I feel sorry for the innocent children who first have to learn English in a "Spanish speaking home", then learn to try and write it...for it is vital to their unearned citizenship.

Write your FEDS about this corrupt, stupid, "behind the times", unqualified idiots that passed this baloney. Thank GOD, I would not and did not have the gov't telling me what's best for my child to learn at a school. I shopped around and found a private one, where I had to pay a hefty price to keep gov't out of my damn business. You think it's bad now...wait until they can't write what they read.

Like caregivers...you can pay all the money in the world. Caregivers are as good as they are...and you can't bribe them to know what they don't know to enable your elederly parent. Don't settle for this crap in Indiana or Illinois. Take a stance, you uninformed parents. Your kids' future depends on YOU to tell those you pay to teach your kids what is important. Why? The state officials in charge of passing this ridiculous, "No Cursive Writing Required" are dumber than three year olds.

Get rid of your gov't and the corruption. Call or write the U.S. Justice and States' Attorney's office. Report the corruption immediately. You might be wrong, or misjudging, but at least you will be directed to the agency that oversees these stupid, over-served, backward corrupt politicians that need to retire on the millions they made, and make room for the fresh graduates that won't need training because they last attened school 40 years ago.

They are the brightest stars to take over the cronies as longs as they run on their brains and ethics, new ideas, knowledge of electronic communication, budgetary crap...and kick the old foggies out.

Indiana is the laughing stock of America next to ILLINOIS. Stupid is as stupid does. You don't need brains to know all aspects of the law or the education. Only "Uncle Billy got me the job!" Which leads to corruption, theft, and lawsuits.

Get your kids out of Indiana's school system. Move as far away as you can. I would.

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You HAVE to be STUPID to Pass This LAW!!!
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