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 Sept. 7, 2011 GOP Debate Drinking Game

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PostSubject: Sept. 7, 2011 GOP Debate Drinking Game   9/7/2011, 5:22 pm

Event Instructions

Rich people referred to as "job creators"-- Allocate enough liquor for two more players but don't specify where it will come from
Bachmann misquotes history-- Take a sip of beer, which was invented by the French in the year 1647
Perry actually shows up instead of saving his state from burning down --Do two shots
Someone mentions " Speechgate"-- Wait for your friend to do a shot and then do one yourself, angrily
"Don't tax the rich!"-- Take alcohol away from the 5% of players who have had the most drinks already
Sarah Palin namedrop -- Make everyone think you're going to drink so they'll pay attention to you, but never actually do it
Someone says "Obamacare"-- Do a shot
Someone says "Obamneycare"-- Do two shots
Someone says "Obama is a Muslim"-- Throw your beer at the TV
Herman Cain touts pizza-related experience--Dip a slice of pizza in your beer and eat in one bite
Romney talks about his jobs plan ---Take 59 tiny sips of whatever is left on the coffee table
Candidate smirks and shakes his/her head while being verbally attacked ---Drink something bitter and act like you like it
Any candidate reverses global warming/evolution stance--Pour yourself a shot and then throw it away
Ron Paul says we should return to a precious metals standard--rink a shot of Goldschlager
Someone compares Perry to Bush--Drink your next drink out of a boot
Moderator displays "relevant" tweets-- Tweet a photo of the beer you're about to finish
Bachmann speaks for God---Take one drink and do five Hail Marys
Someone says "Take back our country"---Steal the beer of the person next to you
The entire debate finishes without anyone mentioning "Real America"--- Drunkenly call your Congressperson and list your grievances
I'd add --Take a drink every time someone mentions St Ronnie but you'd probably be passed out within 15 minutes. Very Happy
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Sept. 7, 2011 GOP Debate Drinking Game
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