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 Cops, cops, then NO COPS!!!!! REVENUE THAT COULD BE HAD

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PostSubject: Cops, cops, then NO COPS!!!!! REVENUE THAT COULD BE HAD   6/13/2010, 7:35 am

Going to downstate Indiana then going to Michigan, then coming home.......

25 cops in Michigan on I80-94 - EAST or WEST.

One always sits under EXIT ONE for years in Michigan, so note that.

NO IN cops going downstate.

ONE COP in Indiana with a radar gun pointing east while I was driving west, so how does he capture a speeding car when no license plates are in front on IN vehicles. He should have had the gun pointed at the back of vehicles....not ones approaching him. This cop was stationed about a mile in advance of the construction site near Riley...thank goodness, cuz that is a real problem area.

If only more cops were stationed along I94 and the Borhman, they'd fill the coffers, especially with trucks blocking all three lanes, driving side by side, keeping others from passing ahead of them.

Michigan must be making a fortune...IN Should COMPARE the revenue/Tickets to the MICHIGAN cops on 1-94 E/W. I'm sure they would exceed MI if they devoted more cops along that stretch.

They should do like IL......stake out in vans.
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