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 Two squad cars, no cops inside..whassup?

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PostSubject: Two squad cars, no cops inside..whassup?   3/18/2012, 12:05 pm

Unfortunately, I did have to make a "pit-stop" on Calumet Avenue, heading north last Thursday, and afterwards, shot through the neighborhood on 169th and Tapper to head back south to get through where the traffic wasn't so backed up to re-enter Calumet Avenue to get back on the expressway.

I saw two squad cars, nose-to-nose, as if blocking someone from crossing at the northeast corner of Tapper & 169th. No cops inside either car (one unmarked, black) and one marked, lights flashing in both. It was as if they left the cars to run after someone, and the cars were blocking my view - so for awhile I had to wait to cross over by the Katherine Apts. to get where I had to go. It was a few minutes, and no sign of any cops around.

If I was a gangbanger walking around, just mean enough to steal and drive off in one of those running, but "sitting" vehicles, I could have easily have done that. My, my. It was around noon or 1 p.m. on 3/15/2012. Beautiful day out, but, Hammond is finally sending out the cops where they were needed a looooong time ago.

It took Celtic's house getting robbed, when they could have nipped it in the bud in 2007?08/09. Just what did they do to see if those they caught at Celtic's and linked them to three other burglaries, do the police simultaneously link their fingerprints to earlier years where houses were robbed in South Hammond? Or, do they only go back a year.

Just wondering.

Oh. Got some gas at $3.87 cents. I saw the signs changing from $3.87 to $4.25 to $4.49 as I was driving from out west toward Michigan. I see they are fixing up Calumet Avenue. The new car wash. Looks nice. But, now today, I read that gas is now up towards the $4.00 mark in Indiana.

Expect them to rise to $4.49 within a week, peaking at $4.80 around Memorial Day.

Thank the crooks in Washington.

Ok, Admin., you can stick this in the Lounge. I think I covered a bunch of different topics here.

Gonna go grab a rake and get the dead grass out.

Anyone hear, though if they caught anybody Thursday afternoon, on 3/15/12 maybe, - related to the prior shooting, or just someone trying to break-in?

I feel for the hood over there. It just looks like the cops are really on their toes now. Finally. Summer will be a jack-pot for all trades that are illegal. Whooh. Whooh. Think you need more cops. Put your orders in now, barricades????

Going up all over as the economy tanks. Plus the gas tanks inflate.
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Two squad cars, no cops inside..whassup?
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