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 Cracks ME UP! Rev. Sharpton on the O'Reilly Factor

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PostSubject: Cracks ME UP! Rev. Sharpton on the O'Reilly Factor   3/29/2010, 7:26 pm

Wants a "grey area" accusing this one guy of spitting on a black politician. Bill showed him the video and asked where he sees the guy spit. Well, Sharpton said it appears he spit.

Then he goes on to say, how the politicians were called this or that. I had to stop listening...

Remember Jesse Jackson not knowing the microphone was on when he wanted to cut Obama's banana?

Remember some other black jacko- calling out something, getting caught, condeming his own race. Can't remember that.

But you have these black rappers calling themselves the "N" word in almost every video, and now on the O'Reilly show happening now, he proves, non of the stuff happened that they claim happened with video to prove it. Jesse Jackson, some other black official was invited to participate. Only Sharpton showed up and O'Reilly is making an idiot out of him by providing video showing that non of the stuff occurred. Just cut to commercial.

We're really a nation united, aren't we when the very own gets elected and they still call out, "RACISTS" when the majority of the white voted in the bi-racial POTUS that made up lies, hopes and dreams on the poor kids between 21 and 30.

Hopes and dreams that they won't ever see if this health bill goes through.

The video disclaims what the black leaders and democrats claim. O'Reilly just proved it, zeroing on and asking him where the spit is...Sharpton said, "it appears he did".

Nice try.

Now they are claiming that Sarah Palin is the cause of the anger in America....she's right....the state of Nevada is full of CRAP, not CRAP SHOOT.

Henry Reid needs to go.

Our country is really falling apart, and it's only what? 13 months since Obama got in office. Look at all he's done: Divided, not unified our nation. Not a leader. Doesn't know economics, hell, Blago didn't know how to turn on a computer or work it under Donald Trump's "Apprentice". But his excuse was, "I had 60,000 people working under me.

You see, if you can't or don't know how to turn a computer on, to even do research, or anything..you aren't qualified to lead 60,000 people in a state that is always under corruption. You are not only computer illiterate, you are stupidd and uneducated. You aren't qualified for even Donald Trump. He only got saved cuz a guy named Strawberry was tired of the shitz and saved the gov., but the gov is the weakest link.

Take it from there that those that run our gov't is no different from that weakest link now trying to slurp money off of Donald Trump.

He even used the words...we are mismanaging this project....pre-ejaculating. We need the foreplay.

Can't wait until he meets Bubba in the penn and Bubba reminds him of what he said.....

It's a circus in our nation and the nation is fed up.

We will see a real change before this guy's term is up. He's already divided the country, interfered with Israel, where no POTUS before him would ever interfere, telling them what to do....not to build housing in their own country...and he's already on the shitz list of half of the Americans.

The Health Reform is not reform...it will cost 170,500 per household to enact, and we don't have the money.

Doctors are already speaking out. He's gonna be impeached for overstepping his boundaries. I can't buy a gun bu5 I'm forced to buy insurance? Kiss my ass. No gov't is gonna tell me what to do.

He's going down, down, and down...look for below 46 percent approval by August. He will be booted out. He's out of his territory. He's not qualified. The Tea Party/Independents will take over...watch!
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Cracks ME UP! Rev. Sharpton on the O'Reilly Factor
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