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 This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY

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PostSubject: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 12:32 pm

Whether you are Public or a Politician, A Caseworker, A "Servant for Charity," I invite everyone to post and keep the post going no matter what state, to raise awareness of the corruption we read about but some don't hear about. The following story Pizzzzzzed Me Off...it'll be a start to show you can believe now, if I had started this thread in 2004, it would have been 5 books by now.


Prison for ex-charity boss for taking funds
REPAYS $100K | 1 yr. for swiping funds to live it up in Bahamas

January 29, 2010

From lavish dining to food stamps to prison grub.

Patti Buffington -- the onetime head of a West Side charity devoted to assisting prostitutes -- was sentenced to a year in prison Thursday. The sentence comes 3 ½ years after she was charged with looting $479,000 from the charity and spending some of the money on swanky vacations to the Bahamas.

» Click to enlarge image

Patti Buffington -- the one-time head of a West Side charity devoted to assisting prostitutes -- was sentenced to a year in prison.
(John H. White/Sun-Times file)

Buffington handed over a check for $100,000 Thursday to the city, which funded the now-defunct West Side charity, Genesis House.

It is not clear how she raised the money.

Other than acknowledge she understood her fate, Buffington -- who has told investigators she was living on food stamps -- didn't speak during her guilty plea and sentencing.

But that doesn't mean she's not remorseful, her attorney, Mike Krejci, said after Thursday's hearing.

"This whole incident has devastated her life," Krejci said. "She's lost everything."

Asked why Buffington hadn't paid back more of the money she stole, Krejci said of the $100,000: "That's a lot of money. How many times have you heard of a restitution of $100,000? It doesn't happen that often in [the 26th and California Criminal Courts] building."

The prison term and restitution were part of a plea agreement worked out with prosecutors.

Back in 2006, prosecutors said Buffington secretly used funds from Genesis House to pay for, among other things, frequent trips to Miami Beach and the Bahamas, where her boyfriend lived at the time. Once, Buffington allegedly racked up a $2,000 bill at Old Bahama Bay, a resort that boasted of providing "barefoot elegance and ambiance with an out-island remote feel."

To explain her frequent absences from work, Buffington would tell people she was attending sexual exploitation and battered women conferences, a source close to the case said when Buffington originally was charged.

You should click on the link and read the comments!
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 2:10 pm

IMHO, this should be moved to one of the Illinois Forums.
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 5:59 pm


I'll continue to post the BILE.

Seeking some passion to change Illinois

January 10, 2010


Politicians really don't understand the people who live in this state. I've talked to every candidate for governor during the past week, and I'm convinced they just don't get it.

Some talked about tax hikes to plug a $12.5 billion state budget deficit. Others claim they won't raise taxes but will make cuts.

Illinois is already ranked near dead last nationally in its support for programs to help the mentally ill and developmentally disabled. The state's share of public school funding is also close to the bottom among the states.

And Illinois is far behind in Medicare payments to hospitals and agencies that provide home health care workers for the homebound and bedridden. Cuts are going to hurt the people who need the most help.

And some budget experts claim that you could eliminate every employee in the state and still not put a dent in this huge deficit.

As far as voters are concerned, even those who are convinced the state needs more money don't trust elected officials to spend it wisely.

That's what they tell me.

Over and over again, they say they would rather give their money to a stranger than send it to Springfield so politicians can hire another one of their nephews or hand over a billion-dollar sweetheart contract to a campaign contributor.

The voters no longer trust their government. And I don't think the politicians understand that.

Their response is, "Well, you can trust me." Why? "Well, I'm a good guy."

As Republicans were proudly proclaiming they wouldn't raise taxes, at least one, Adam Andrzejewski, laughed and offered a history lesson. In the history of Illinois, it has always been Republicans who have passed income tax hikes.

Richard Ogilvie was governor when the first income tax increase passed. Gov. James Thompson, another Republican, supported and helped pass a temporary income tax increase. Under the administration of Gov. Jim Edgar, another Republican, that temporary tax increase became permanent.

And although GOP Gov. George Ryan did not increase the income tax, he did increase license plate fees and other fees in Illinois to raise money for a capital improvement plan.

I give Andrzejewski points for both honesty and knowledge of Illinois history. I don't think his Republican colleagues enjoyed his presentation as much as I did.

But tax increase or not, it's vital to the future of this state that the next governor restore the public's belief in government.

If people pay for public transportation, they darn well should be able to catch a bus when they need one in the middle of winter. When they pay for public education, their children ought to get a good one, and their kids ought to be safe in the schools.

Corporate executives shouldn't be asked for kickbacks by pals of the governor to win state contracts.

And with thousands of Illinois residents out of jobs, people who are hired to work in state government should be willing to give a hard day's work for a day's pay.

State legislators in Illinois have failed to hold their leaders accountable. They worry more about their seats and political futures than they do about the people who sent them to Springfield.

They always have an excuse for not getting things done.

This is not a Democratic or Republican thing. Both parties have worked hard to create the financial and credibility crisis in Illinois. Neither will accept responsibility.

Despite the dismal state of affairs, there's no one who is really giving voice to the concerns of the citizens.

I have said this before and will say it again - I think most citizens are willing to pay taxes and would pay more if they believed the money would be well-spent. They would like to be proud of their state and its programs.

Instead, our leaders and our government have become a national joke.

"Trust me," say all the candidates running for office. My response is, "Why?"

The people of this state asked for the power to recall government leaders. The response of elected officials: "We're not going to allow you to do that."

They gerrymander legislative districts to deter opposition. They create huge campaign funds to discourage honest men from running for office.

The culture of corruption is so deeply ingrained that both Ryan and his chief of staff used that as an excuse at their criminal trials. They were just doing what everyone else in Springfield had done before them.

And then there was Rod Blagojevich.

People are passionate about their government in this state. They really want things to change.

That fervor is lacking in our candidates.


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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 6:37 pm

Scorpion wrote:
IMHO, this should be moved to one of the Illinois Forums.

NO! Because it speaks for all STATES! Do your reading, and you will find the same stuff in EVERY STATE!

This is like Aclight's thread in the other forum....speaking for everyone..... If you don't want to make a difference, stay out of it. This is a national forum, and I've yet to post for other states. Good Riddance to one-minded individuals!

Feel free to add the corruption from any state..,I just got started! This isn't about IL or IN, I have more states to add, plus corruption from Washington. Don't argue with my title. There is no boundaries in my title. Except, CORRUPTION.

If you see only certain states with corruption and eliminate the others, this forum is not for you. This is covering all the states. I just got started on the nearest ones. I'll expand it. Unlike you, I don't focus on just IN or IL. It's America, remember, and it's a wide-spread problem. This topic belongs exactly where I put it.

This is regarding all of the states. Punch in, or leave it alone. I'm not done yet with the other states.
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 6:46 pm

I'll report on other states tomorrow. Just to keep this in the national forum. It happens in every state., Quit being in denial.

Tomorrow: Washington. OK? Maybe Nevada, maybe Florida. If my car gets fixed, it might have to wait until Monday, ok? Thing is, I'm going to report it as I see and hear it. It isn't limited to IL. I was trying to give you MY perspective as PHIL KADNER so finely defined.

It isn't limited to any one state, but an example of what goes on in any given USA state. You can't put it in IL, IN, MI, or whatever. I will be posting nationally. If you have a beef about that, contact the administrator and restrict my freedom of posting free speech and violating the category. If he agrees with you...then there is no room for free speech on any board.

My intention is report any state and invite you to do your research and add to the fraudulent practices of any given politician/gov't in any state that belongs on a national forum. I'm not focusing on just IL or IN...how many states are left to make it nation-wide, and cause awareness?

Last edited by UrRight on 1/29/2010, 7:04 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Set the idiot straight.)
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/29/2010, 7:17 pm

The voters no longer trust their government. And I don't think the politicians understand that.

That quote from Kadner got me started...it's the truth......and exactly why I started this thread.

IT is why we need to expose the truth.
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   1/30/2010, 9:02 am



Rep. Pete Visclosky’s reelection campaign shelled out more than $41,000 late last year to the law firm representing Charles Brimmer, his former chief of staff, the latest sign that a Justice Department criminal investigation that has ensnared the Indiana Democrat continues to move forward.

The Visclosky campaign also cut a $140,254 check to a second law firm, Steptoe & Johnson, on Oct. 1, the campaign’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission show. Visclosky had paid the same firm $100,000 during the summer of 2009.

And the campaign spent $2,650 on legal fees for another aide, Shari Davenport, who is listed on the most recently available House payroll records as the congressman’s administrative assistant, a top post in the congressman’s office.

Visclosky’s campaign, in fact, shelled out more in legal fees – $183,000 – in the fourth quarter of 2009 than the $143,000 his re-election campaign raised in that span, according to its FEC report.

Visclosky, though, still had more than $804,000 in cash in his campaign account on Dec. 31.

A spokesman for Visclosky did not respond to a request for comment about the six-figure legal bill at press time.

Visclosky, who has been in Congress for 25 years, has already stepped down from his post as the chairman of the energy & water subcommittee on Appropriations and sworn off further earmarks, but his rising legal bills stemming from the PMA investigation are likely to further damage his image back home.

In 2008, DOJ began a criminal investigation into the relationship between the PMA Group, a now defunct lobbying firm, and senior members of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, including Visclosky and Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.).

PMA and its lobbying clients funneled hundreds of the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to appropriators, and those PMA clients won hundreds of millions in spending earmarks.

Visclosky alone received more than $1.4 million in campaign contributions from PMA and its clients. The Indiana Democrat then earmarked $34 million in federal funds for those PMA clients.

PMA’s offices in Virginia were raided by federal agents in Nov. 2008, and the firm imploded in early 2009. The Justice Department and House ethics committee have launched investigations into lawmakers’ dealings with the firm, especially allegations that “straw men” donors were used by PMA or its founder, Paul Maggliocchetti, to steer campaign donations to members of the Appropriations Committee.

Maggliochetti, a former House Appropriations Committee staffer, has retired and moved to Florida since his firm collapsed.

Visclosky has denied any wrongdoing or unethical behavior in his dealings with PMA, but both he and Brimmer were issued document subpoenas by a federal grand jury last summer. Brimmer, who had worked for Visclosky since 1992, left Visclosky’s office at the same time the subpoenas were publicly announced.

The Washington Post reported in mid-Oct. that the Justice Department was especially interested in Brimmer, who allegedly “suggested to some lobbyists that companies seeking Visclosky's help in getting Pentagon funds would need to commit to a program of donations to the member of the Appropriations defense subcommittee.”

Sources familiar with DOJ’s investigation said FBI agents first began looking into Brimmer’s activities in early 2009, even before news of the PMA raid leaked to the press.

Following Brimmer’s departure from his staff, Visclosky applied for and received permission from the FEC to use campaign funds to use campaign funds to cover the legal bills of current and former aides incurred as part of the PMA investigation.

Political Corruption. (One poster commented)...

Where was the Ethics Committe said another....

"Visclosky alone received more than $1.4 million in campaign contributions from PMA and its clients. The Indiana Democrat then earmarked $34 million in federal funds for those PMA clients." (Said another poster.)

25 years he's been in office? That's proof we need term limits!
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PostSubject: Re: This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY   

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This Thread Dedicated to FRAUD ONLY
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