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 Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...

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PostSubject: Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...   1/10/2010, 3:29 pm


I came across this part of the website, after seeing Moby posting, "How I Spent My Hawaiin Vacation". I've been at that site many times.

Moby's link to the"vacation" part is funny, but, sadly true. I went on the other part, the Pork part...gosh, it seems Obama not only doesn't go to church, but overlooks the pork on Sundays. I thought Muslims don't eat pork, so why would they serve it to all the politicians in every state?

I'll show him mine, if he shows me his...birth certificate.

I feel like we have an absentee POTUS, and it was reported LOTUS and POTUS (ABC) said, they "didn't want to leave Hawaii".

He may as well have stayed there...he's done squat for a year now.

How many times did the O's go to Hawaii while he was keeping that Senate seat warm? It should be sent to the Smithsonian Museum, parked right next to Archie Bunker's old chair.

I mean, "it's golden, it's a f-----g parachute....it's f-----g gold...you can't just give it away! cheers "

He left on Christmas Day, forcing staff, security, etc., to not allow them to be with their families, it was reported in Moby's link. You can find it on the same link I have up there. Traditionally, not one former President left until after Christmas...what's that tell ya?

I have had thoughts many times since he's become President, why he hasn't found a Rev. Wright church in D.C. At least Clinton and Hillary put on a show. What's he teaching his kids about being Christians? Oh, maybe they are Muslims, and he asked to be excused during his term. I just don't get this guy anymore.

Like Blago, splashed himself on tv, talk shows, but when it comes time for him to really pose as a POTUS...not a word. Lately, he's been hiding since Hawaii. I'm having trouble believing he's qualified to lead and protect. I get vibes he's just enjoying the luxurious lifestyle...impressing his children...bowing down to his wife, and doesn't know squat. He doesn't even possess the demeanor of a POTUS.

I guess we'll hear back in the spring when the garden Michelle grew gets re-seeded. Photo-ops, ya know? $500.00 tennis shoes. But, you're to learn how to save by gardening with $500.00 tennis shoes. Get my drift?

It's the typical a-hole with bling, cha-ching, bling, bling, bling.
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PostSubject: Re: Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...   1/10/2010, 3:57 pm

I meant, FLOTUS (First Lady of the Unite States), as he explained why he calls her FLOTUS. Sorry. No disrepect intended, POTUS.

Can you imagine snuggling up to Flotus, asking how her day went....and she says, "Why Potus, it probably wasn't as bad as your bowling score, since we're forced back in this Whitey House!!"
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PostSubject: Re: Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...   1/10/2010, 4:09 pm

Judy Breck ยท 10 hours ago

There is an email going around saying that by flying out of Washington on Christmas Day the Obamas broke a long habit of good manners by other Presidents. Others have not left until after the 25th, making it possible for staff to be with their families on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Obamas saw to it that all the folks who had to staff their vacation missed Christmas with their families: Secret Service, Air Force One pilots and crew, reporters, and Obama family staff. The Obama sense of the Love and Holiness of Christmas seemed fully absent.

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PostSubject: Re: Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...   

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Ya Gotta Love These Pork-Spending Projects...
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