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 its the message!

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the oracle


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PostSubject: its the message!   6/14/2011, 4:02 am

ok this conservancy vs basin commission fight is driving me nuts.

van till and mcdermott are getting beat over the head by munster folks who think repay and the current commission are the greatest thing in the world and the conservancy district is a bad idea over politics.

the message the conservancy district has been touting has been poor thus far. but if the basin commission is so great then why did ya flood in the first place munster?

the only thing that should need to be said about the basin commission, that should get everyone to recognize the continued folley of preserving it through a new property tax is this.

the little cal basin commission has existed for 30 years!

in those 30 years while the state had control of the commission nobody gave a damn about the little calumet river until it flooded. then suddenly for a short time it mattered politically and things got done.

well it dont matter to the state pols anymore and thats why nothing was done in the last legistlative session. the repubs could have passed repays proposal on partisain lines if they wanted. they didnt.

if ya want people who will care about the river long term. it has to be locally controlled and governed. experience should teach everyone that. the state doesnt care.

to those supporting the conservency district. quit worrying about touting the details. sure its a few bucks cheaper per taxpayer, sure the proposal is more fair to the entire watershed, and sure the local conservancy district would be more cost efficient. but none of that is getting through all the noise of the issue.

the only thing ya need to say is where the hell was the state in the 30 years before the flood when they failed to fund the basin commission. where the hell was the state when hammond city workers were cleaning up the munster neighborhoods. and where the hell was the state when it came time to fund the o and m in the first place?

we locals have to do it. nobody else can do it for us. and if theres a local guy claiming the state is the answer? well then ask yourself whos signature is it thats on their paychecks and what happens to that paycheck when the basin commission fullfills its duty to complete the levy...that again has taken 30 years to build!
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PostSubject: Re: its the message!   6/14/2011, 10:38 am

Rmove the names Dan Repay and Bill Baker from the Commission, insert Tom McDermott and Kevin Smith and listen to the boneheads scream on WJOB !!!
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the oracle


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PostSubject: Re: its the message!   6/16/2011, 4:26 am

wow. made one brief phone call to jed on air the other day listing my points above...and for 2 days now people have been responding to it on air.

it seems as predicted the haters cant defend the state owned responsibility for the flood 3 years ago and have no response to the fact they cant say the state owned commission wont forget about the levee 10 years from now either. so instead they just try to bash me lol.

and btw if the commission does go through...then whos responsibility will it to maintain hart ditch? the proferred legislation last year would have prohibited any of the commissions time or money to be spent on that. isnt that part of the watershed and thus the problem too?
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PostSubject: Re: its the message!   6/16/2011, 10:50 am

I think the new definition of Insanity is depending on the state to fix a problem in NWI.
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PostSubject: Re: its the message!   

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its the message!
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