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 Michael Avenatti

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happy jack

happy jack

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PostSubject: Re: Michael Avenatti    10/8/2018, 8:45 am

Scorpion wrote:
happy jack wrote:
Admin wrote:
happy jack wrote:
Heretic wrote:
In Tyler we trust.

So, do I take it that you still consider Avenatti to be your knight in shining armor?

Epic straw man!  How is this different from Artie calling you a "Trump Worshipper?"

Oh, my!!!!
What to make of this?

Whoops...I screwed up and used the wrong login.  I took over this Forum several years ago in order to keep it from being deleted. I wanted to keep posting, so I never really did any actual "administrating." I seldom use the Admin account. In fact, the only reason I was logged in as Admin this time was because I had to deal with an internal matter.

So we don't really have an Admin, Jack... it's just me.  I really didn't like the heavy handed tactics of that other dude who used to run this board.  The only "adult" supervision that we have is from the Forumotion people.  

I just never really felt like an Administrator... I've sure as hell never acted like one. Never wanted the job, so I never did the job.  I just wanted to save our posts.  At the time I was ticked off at the Times for deleting all our stuff... The only actual "admin" stuff that I've ever done is to change the name of the Forum because I found the original name offensive, and I deleted some spam a few times.

OK. I didn't know that, and I retract my misdirected sarcasm - sorry. The mark of a good administrator is that the less you hear from him, the better, so you have been doing a good job.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael Avenatti    10/8/2018, 12:37 pm

Scorpion wrote:
I just wanted to save our posts.  At the time I was ticked off at the Times for deleting all our stuff...

It's appreciated. I wish I had those old posts, too.
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Michael Avenatti
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