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 Screw This!

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PostSubject: Screw This!   Yesterday at 4:22 pm

If nobody has anything to say about the events in Charlottesville, then I see no reason for this forum.

I'm out.  If somebody else wants to run this forum, contact me and I'll pass over the job to you. If nobody responds, I'm going to shut it down for good - two weeks from today.

That is all.
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happy jack


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PostSubject: Re: Screw This!   Today at 10:35 am

My first thought on the Charlottesville incident is that it is unfortunate that the prosecution feels it is unable to charge the driver with first degree murder rather than second.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for those who formerly participated in this forum to respond. They have presumably found another forum, one in which they may engage in "intelligent discussions", i.e., discussions in which no one disagrees with them, and no one offers unpalatable views, i.e., views which are alternative to theirs. It appears that they have found their safe space. If you Google www.Snowflake.com, it is entirely possible you may run across some of their postings.
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Screw This!
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