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 America’s descent into Banana Republican-ism

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PostSubject: America’s descent into Banana Republican-ism   11/5/2016, 3:48 pm

Ran across this great Op-Ed.  Just thought that I'd share...


Some excerpts...

Quote :
Quite simply, agents of the country’s most powerful law enforcement agency — including its director — appear to be putting their collective fingers on the scale to help Donald Trump get elected president. This is an unprecedented politicization of the FBI.

We know, according to US intelligence agencies, that the Russian government is actively seeking to interfere in a US presidential election. Astoundingly, they are being cheered along by the Republican party and its presidential nominee, both of whom are using e-mails hacked by the Russian government and leaked by WikiLeaks to attack Clinton.

Just imagine for a second what were to happen if Trump were to win, in part, because of the involvement of a foreign government hostile to the United States and the FBI’s direct meddling in a US presidential election? How would Americans, particularly Democratic voters, retain any confidence in the nation’s governing institutions and its political leaders if Trump were to become president under these circumstances? For all the talk about an allegedly rigged election, this would be the ultimate example.

And what if Clinton wins? Democracy is likely to find itself under continued assault. Republicans in the Senate are now making clear that they have no intention of even allowing a vote on a Supreme Court justice pick made by Hillary Clinton. The GOP has gone from saying they won’t allow a vote on Merrick Garland before this election to saying they won’t fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court until a Republican is in the White House. Some Republicans are floating the idea of impeaching Clinton before she’s even been elected president. Others are talking about trying her for treason and executing her. These are stunning, never before seen attacks on our democracy.

Dark times.  The GOP is officially out of control.  I'm voting for Hillary, despite my misgivings.  But I don't see election day as the end.  I see electing a Democratic President as the beginning of the fight to take back our nation from dangerous Republican extremists who don't give a damn about our country.  Power seems to be all that matters to them... and that sure as hell is not what our country is supposed to be about.
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America’s descent into Banana Republican-ism
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