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 Duke La Crosse Team

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PostSubject: Duke La Crosse Team   3/21/2016, 4:42 pm


A New ESPN Doc Exposes the Real Villains in the Duke Lacrosse Case

By Christina Cauterucci


Fantastic Lies also points a finger at the media entities that salivated over a story that hit so many pressure points. The scandal hit just as news consumers were beginning to regard online news with as much credibility as print. They were watching in real time as the New York Times ran a story with the headline “A Team’s Troubles Shock Few At Duke.” Newsweek published a notorious cover emblazoned with the phrase “Sex, Lies & Duke.” “The only accurate word there is Duke,” the story’s author, Susannah Meadows, admits in the documentary. “It was a journalistic tragedy to see how the best journalists in America could be so wrong about something,” says formerNew York Times public editor Dan Okrent. Sheehan, who was sexually assaulted when she was in college, wrote an apology column after the three players were vindicated.
Even so, it’s a bizarre experience to watch a documentary that expects the viewer to root for a bunch of accused rapists.


“expects the viewer to root for a bunch of accused rapists.”


No, you ignorant assholes.
The viewers are rooting for a group of victims who committed no rape, yet were railroaded, and had their lives turned upside-down, by a self-serving, self-aggrandizing, politically motivated scumbag of a prosecutor.
Even after all these years, these idiot Lefties (while pretending to be objective) cannot fathom that these guys were falsely accused, and that not all white Ivy League male college students indiscriminately rape black women whenever the opportunity arises.
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Duke La Crosse Team
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