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 Poisoning children in Flint, MI.

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PostSubject: Poisoning children in Flint, MI.    1/12/2016, 10:30 am

State's handling of Flint water samples delayed action

Quote :
Lead levels in Flint's drinking water would have spurred action months sooner if the results of city testing that wrapped up in June had not been revised by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to wrongly indicate the water was safe to drink, e-mails show.

The records — obtained by the Michigan ACLU and by Marc Edwards, a Virginia Tech researcher who helped raise concerns about Flint's water — show how state officials first appear to have encouraged the City of Flint to find water samples with low lead levels and later told Flint officials to disqualify two samples with high readings. The move changed the overall lead level results to acceptable from unacceptable.

Orac has a comprehensive write-up at his blog, Respectful Insolence.
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PostSubject: Re: Poisoning children in Flint, MI.    1/12/2016, 1:47 pm

Republican Governor Rick Snyder: Big proponent on Pro-life movement.

Not so much on providing clean drinking water for residents. Evil or Very Mad

Rachel Maddow has been following and reporting on this story for weeks.
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Poisoning children in Flint, MI.
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