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PostSubject: Waah!   6/22/2012, 6:56 pm


The Anti-Obama Court

Posted: 06/22/2012 2:01 pm

People are on the edge of their seats waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on President Obama's health care reform law. But no matter what happens with that law, it is clear already that the Roberts Court is unusually hostile to the Obama administration. This term, the justices have ruled against Obama in a remarkably high number of cases.
This is the year of the Supreme Court's Obama smack down.
Maybe it's the bad economy, but this term almost none of administration's wares sold well.
What accounts for the Court's unusually frequent rejection of the Obama administration? Some people will undoubtedly lay the blame on the administration for pushing arguments that, in their view, show insufficient respect for the limits on governmental power.
But this year's Court is hardly one defined by vigorous defense of individual freedoms. State and municipal governments, which usually fare poorly at the Supreme Court, won numerous cases on liberty issues, from unequal tax burdens on similarly situated taxpayers and criminal interrogation of prisoners against their wishes, to strip searches of people arrested on minor offenses and double jeopardy.
In case after case, liberty lost -- when it was a state or municipal government seeking to invade it.
This is not a liberty-loving Court. It is an anti-Obama Court.
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