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 Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem

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PostSubject: Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem   3/3/2012, 3:09 pm

While the smoking debate goes on, wouldn't it make more sense to "CAP" the number of children taxpayers support?

Isn't that what's part of our problem, instead of smoking here or there? If you think Casinos in Indiana are frequently visited because there is a problem of smoking not allowed in IL, you are correct. It's a general theory shared by ordinary citizens and researchers: drinking, gambling and smoking go together. Casinos suffer from the economy, and access. Go ahead, pass the smoking ban and watch the casinos leave.

Go ahead and kill off what's left of Indiana that always worked: not butting into businesses that support THEIR (POLITICIANS') salaries, perks and Cadillac insurance. I bet half the lawmakers are smokers.

Go ahead and sink the boats... it's on it's way because cities/towns that benefit from the casinos in Indiana, Northwest, relied on the revenue, and it's no secret the funds dribbled down to Indianapolis. Instead of being your own "person", you get paid off to vote yes or no.

I am a smoker. I use common courtesy and respect. I don't need the gov't to tell me my morals. But one thing really bothers me that could cut down on expenditures and taxpayers' money: Limit welfare to one child. After that, you are on your own, which makes no common sense to Obama. He loves giving things away at taxpayers' expense. Hell, he vacations more than anyone and not as much as FLOTUS on the public dime. Flying the Presiential plane, while he touts green jobs that don't and won't exist, you welfare leeches vote for him for freebies.

Bite my tootsie rolls. He's the worst PUTUS we ever had.

And, it was NOT what Martin Luther King had in mind. Totally the opposite. In King's days, the father was present, guarded his family, and share croppers or not, it is reflective of the opposite of what goes on today. Instead of ending slavery, the POTUS seeks entitlement funds...crookd, stupid Obama care, that really is no care at all. No doctors in their right mind will sign on when they haven't been paid in decades from Medicaid. You think what POTUS is telling you is the truth? Then, you're pretty damn dumb the last few years. No PRESIDENT dug a hole like this guy, besides Carter...and if he wins, we know who voted. Mommy with the seven babies with seven different fathers, and why bother? Just tell medicaid you don't remember who you last screwed, except the taxpayers. No more WIC (use your boobs, buy diapers you wash and use your cash for veggies, education, etc. No free rent after one year. If you can't make it, go back to the mama who taught a grand course in living in poverty, depending on others. Repeat the cycle, as you do.
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PostSubject: Re: Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem   3/4/2012, 8:59 am

Wow, UR, derailed your own thread.

Back to the subject: Hubby and I went to a concert at a Southern Indiana casino, then planned to gamble. Yes, they had a no-smoking area, but it was being renovated. We each stayed less than 20 minutes - couldn't breathe, weren't having fun. I don't remember it being that bad when I went to the empress in the 90s. Have to ask my cousing about the Blue chip - she goes as much as she can.
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PostSubject: Re: Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem   3/4/2012, 5:09 pm

Hi Karen. Haven't you noticed by now I can derail trains of thought without the real trains involved.

What subject were we on? Smoking Ban? Personally, it won't make a difference, really acasinos. The Joliet Harrah's casino provides a door with a sign, "Smoker's Club". So, inbetween changing to a different machine, I would go out there, smoke three puffs, and got sick of the smell in there, and went back on a machine.

But you see...lot of people say they go to Indiana's boats and it's a given because of the many more machines they have, and really, to tell ya the truth, the new casino that opened up somewhere up north is where everyone now goes. So, couple that with rising food prices, utilities, rent, gas, car upkeep, unemployment, the Harrah's boat is sinking no matter if smoking in a diferent room or not.

I know I previously stated above, "cut off the benefits of a mom having seven different kids by seven different fathers, and I took the subject off the path. I directly meant that if they cut off the casino's right to allow smoking, the casino will die, and that is the truth. I read responses by people living outside of Indiana, who said they hit the restaurants in Indiana, smoke, then go to the casinos in Indiana to smoke. I on one hand, think it will sink the boats eventually if they put a ban on smoking, but if they add a private room, they will stay right where they are, financially.

My point in bringing up a mom with seven different kids was, "Here's how you can save money and go into the black instead of relying on casino money": quit awarding those women who deny they know who each kid's father is, and awarding them even more after every additional birth. I think this is a problem that needs more attention to reduce the expenditures in the state, or any state: put a lid on after the first or second mistake. Why mess around supporting baby makers that will rely on a different form of assistance after those seven kids turn 18 and they (the mothers) don't get as much money, if the kid doesn't go to college? This is a huge problem. Illegal immigrants come here, taxpayers reward them for every kid they reproduce. The casinos are slumping as it is, to ban smoking without appointing a smoker's den, would work, but if they don't allow any smoking in casinos or an exit to smoke on each floor outside, they will no longer have the gravy train.

I can't remember the last time I tried to go to a casino in Hammond, or E.C. Oh, yeah, fall of 2009 when they were busy blocking the entrance to the Cline Bridge. Once more on the Harrah's where I got 10 cents betting on a penny machine throwing 50.00 in, and all I got back was, 2, 3, or 5 cents. Walked out...I can't stand any casino since Trump sold his to Barden, the cheap butt, that passed away. Trump made sure you had better chances of winning the odds. Since he left, I didn't go back except when I took Free to the Majestic 1.

I don't know about the casinos in Hammond and E.C., or Majestic, but this isn't the right time to ban smoking for them. They were on the verge of sinking about 3 years ago. Known not to pay out reasonably. Banning smoking will piss off the IL people.

Ok, bringing up the BAN on the number of kids allowed to be supported by the state will drastically reduce debt. Don't award them, and they will take the birth control pills from Obama if they know the state caps a limit on reproducing. That would be the easiest best solution. They might actually forget about getting pregnant again...if DHS says, "we will not pay you extra for any child produced after your #1 or #2 mistake." Let them get the VD/HIV, oral disease if they are that dumb.

Said enough. Gotta run to the store. One last note: my cousin in California, she, my aunt, my family went to an Indian casino. When she got home, she threw everything in the washer, including her tennis shoes...took a shower, and felt like you. I take a shower everyday, and wash my hair, change into stored clothes. I smoke, and can't stand the smell, either. But year after years, I tried quitting. I just give up trying again. The patch, I would sneak a smoke and felt like the UnABomber, was I gonna blow myself up? Then that pill...great for one week...after you start the second week with no smoking, I had terrible, terrible nightmares, and just could't function during the day. A lot of my friends tried it to...that pill to quit smoking...one was found sleep-walking. One said it made her goofy, and had wild dreams.

Well, I don't go on casinos anymore. But will take my mom to the one in Michigan, just to get her out and spend her damn money before she leaves earth. Piss it away, maw.
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PostSubject: Re: Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem   3/4/2012, 5:24 pm

I meant for my mom to spend her money, not me. and live it up since my dad is gone. Man, it'll be a year, April 7th. I couldn't get myself to go to my mom's for Christmas. It just would not be the same. Next Christmas we're going out. It's just not the same. Dwc. 24th was his b'day, the last family pix taken that Christmas, and though his fingers were numb last time at Christmas..it took him over an hour to write a note to us, which we found later: Thank you for driving me back and forth to the Dr's. I hope next Christmas will be better for you all".

Semper-Fi, dad. See how I go off the gravy train tracks??
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PostSubject: Re: Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem   

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Smoking Bans vs. the REAL Problem
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