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PostSubject: preacher   2/22/2012, 4:20 pm

political and media style differences aside heres what ive always liked about preacher.

the guy os a genuinely funny in person. he knows what he did most of the time was schtick and was fine if ya didnt take him too seriously. honestly i think that was what he found difficult on air. listeners who didnt know him were slow to catch on to the schtick and took him too seriously and he never really differentiated between the on air and real life personnas. sadly on air listeners i dont think ever really connected much with his actual personality, and on air he took the schtick to an absurd level...and at times lost himself in it. and went well, id say way too far.

but again off air. hes actually a nice guy who would lend a hand when he could. and was always good convo to share a smoke with outside during breaks at the station.

god be with ya preach. tonight ill drink a black label shot in your honor
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