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 Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?

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PostSubject: Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?   12/8/2011, 6:44 pm


NWI casinos’ revenues continue downward trend

I don't pretend to know more than I do, I usually go by the "gut"or tell ya I do know when I don't.

I was on target with this one. I love the following excerpt, because it reflects my old friend, Mirage's signature. I can only remember parts of his signature, "According to Obama...but the problem is, there isn't enough money in the world to solve the problem". Fill in the blanks...it's been so long since I have read his posts. If you are out there, Mirage, hello, and you were always on the nail!


“Politicians who think this is a quick fix to their problems need to go back and sharpen their pencils,” Dan Nita, senior vice president and general manager of Horseshoe Casino Hammond, said Thursday.

He said he doesn’t believe either adding new properties or moving and rebuilding current properties will grow the market as political leaders hope."
Wink YES! cheers

Joliet and the other boat nearby are land-based next to a river, right? One is in the heart of downtown Joliet, the former "Empress" is renamed, sits on a beautiful piece of land, next to a river not too much further away....They are sinking either way!

Just read the Herald News or the local news for wherever the rich people supposedly live. (Those with disposable income, not us!)

I think boats are suffering for two reasons: their gimmick of offering high stake penny machines where you need to spend $1.00 to $2.00 a bet, minimum, backfired.

The fading-fast older Americans having to pay more into health care, the gamblers know the odds and the sickening feeling of loosing even a twenty dollar bill.

Bon Voyage, and good luck to you politicians that thought you could always borrow from the boat. Maybe now, you will think twice about who's money you are borrowing, because your "MONEY WELL" is well, drying up.

You have better odds of playing Bingo with the old coots and not getting ripped off. At least you get to socialize, the few bucks you loose goes for a good cause.

OOPs, forgot to mention. Some guy won 10,000.00 bucks from the Horseshoe this week. Got followed home by two hoodies. Got robbed. The comments were so amazing after you read the story (hurry, they are going to charge you for reading trash!). One commenter said, "Nothing but rude, welfare, filthy, inconsiderate, ghetto people there. Will never go back - comment by a Chicagoan.

You can bet (pun intended) those lavish women with triple gold and diamond earrings will lavish at the new boat in Chicago and Gary, IN can park it's boat on I-65 and the I-94 East, and it won't make a difference. In fact, that exit and part of the expressway is already a crash site, with back up for years. Try again, Ms. Wilson.
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PostSubject: Re: Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?   12/8/2011, 8:42 pm

I predicted this would happen as soon as River's in Des Plaines opened. Meanwhile another nail in the coffin is coming....
Video gambling moves a step closer in Illinois
Quote :
SPRINGFIELD | The odds of legalized video gambling finally coming to the Land of Lincoln just got a little better.

Top Illinois gambling regulators confirmed Tuesday that the state has accepted a bid for a system to monitor the thousands of video gambling machines expected to be licensed by the state in the coming year.

Final details are being worked out, Illinois Gaming Board spokesman Gene O'Shea said.

"We hope to enter into a contract as soon as possible," O'Shea said.

O'Shea said it likely will take about six months to get the system in place.
"We hope to go live within the third or fourth quarter of 2012," O'Shea said.
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PostSubject: Re: Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?   1/15/2012, 5:41 pm

Well, looks like that new casino up north is doing good. Though all revenue reported overall is down, the state's portion is up. Does that make sense?

Does Indiana have OBT's? If not, why not? Why not put the slots at Gary Airport, at least the bells would go off there and maybe rescue the city. Ya know, put the slots in the Genius Center, watch how fast it'll grow in comparison to the boats at the dock.

Anyway, the Chicago Casino is THIS-CLOSE, and you can say goodbye to the festivals (which if they used their heads, they'd make it like the TASTE of CHICAGO, inviting area restaurants to participate, and run it like Chicago. But, they didn't think that far ahead.

Now the mayor wants to invest in infrastructure and though he did all along, I do give him credit - Calumet Avenue South is starting to look even better - he needs to live within his means.

That legal aid clinic, I am wondering just what type of clients they serve, who, what and why.

I needed a lawyer; I certainly got criticized for obtaining a lawyer that was in Hammond, though my attempts to obtain one in Valparaiso was fruitless that dealt in elderly abuse, criminal confinement, loss of meds, whatever. Do you think I could trust those legal aide people to protect me when I knew they were "in with the mayor"? NOPE.

So, I'm just wondering, why the hell and what purpose they do serve when even when YOU know your rights were violated, do you really think they are going to stick up for you against the prosecutors/cop in court, even knowing they were totally wrong and mishandling the case, lying about it?


So, tell me, who does the legal aid dept. defend? People on welfare, wanting more, people feeling they are due more?

As far as you Sparkles saying a responsible homeowner would do this or that, tell that to the 7 cops who parked their cars chased a thief from my friend's store, hopped my 8 foot fence, busted the gate, cut the security...and let's say you can't hear a damn thing at night without one hearing aid (other ear is dead), those that stole and broke into the house, word got around. They busted the fence, the gates, were found sitting in the next door neighbors rental, acting like they lived there when the cops found them. Since then, poor James replaced all his electronics, tv, etc., only to get RIPPED OFF AGAIN. He quit buying shitz. Just like me. The house was wired, the fence was a fort...still, they knew I was deaf at night. Try waking up to three black guys in your living room. I didn't even know they were sitting around me while I was asleep on the couch because my son's EX friend woke up, heard talking, and there they were, sitting around me and I don't hear if the damn house landed in KS City, if a tornado picked it up. He wakes me up after throwing them out, a cop comes in the mist of the friend waking up, I look all confused, not grasping what happened, told the cop, "I don't know what he's talking about" and went to sleep. The guys sat in the driveway for about 15 minutes and left when the cop got there, looking as confused as me. That's South Hammond, kids!

The barricades would have been welcomed more than the cop who lies, that sat on the corner for YEARS. Spaced out.
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PostSubject: Re: Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?   1/15/2012, 10:45 pm

UrRight wrote:
Well, looks like that new casino up north is doing good

Quote :
Does Indiana have OBT's?
There is an OTB parlor in Merrillville.
Quote :
Why not put the slots at Gary Airport, at least the bells would go off there and maybe rescue the city. Ya know, put the slots in the Genius Center, watch how fast it'll grow in comparison to the boats at the dock.
Why on earth would people go to the Gary airport to play slots?
Quote :
Anyway, the Chicago Casino is THIS-CLOSE
It's coming,that's for sure.

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PostSubject: Re: Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?   

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Casinos Decline in Revenu = No, Really?
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