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 One Subject I Would Like To Discuss:

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PostSubject: One Subject I Would Like To Discuss:   12/3/2011, 10:37 pm

Obama...taking a vacation effective Dec. 17th thru January 2, 2012. Telling the press, "Congress better come up with a deal, otherwise THEY will be working during Christmas". No matter what the deal, no mater what the problem, why does Obama keep taking vacations, golf outings, and what not, when our country is in such turmoil?

Why is he NOT staying home one minute in the "Peoples' HOME" = the home taxpayers provide for him with 37 Christmas Trees and BO, a DOG CLONED whether in BUttONS, garbage bags, or real clay objects getting more attention than the vets with severe injuries?

Why didn't Michelle take that money from decorating and buy presents for the Vets' children? Why didn't she say, "No Christmas trees but ONE, and the rest for 36 others, instead of temporary decorations, which we actually won't enjoy, but for "show and tell, because we will be in Hawaii, let's donate that money to the VETS who came home mangled, mentally unprepared after serving numerous tours, buy their children gifts, cover their insurance, etc."

Better yet, thousands of little false trees and gifts other children won't be opening on Christmas day.

I'm a firm believer of do as you say.

Not, "Showboating what I mean to say".

I hope that this is the last Christmas on the taxpayers' dime where if they have 37 trees, and go on vacation to Hawaii to join the POTUS until January 2nd, it is for one reason only: take and suck in all you can before your bluff is called. You can only use other people for so long. What a waste of money, 37 trees. Most families today would settle for a fake, broken down one from Goodwill. The fact the Obama's won't be opening up presents even under ONE tree, how terrible. Why? On taxpayers' dime, they won't even be there to enjoy them to open up presents.

Give them to the VETS or better yet, you should have taken a stance and said, one tree is enough. The money towards other trees will go to the Make A Wish Foundation, Our Troops and Bambie and I are staying home and opening presents We will open the people's kitchen to the homeless and offer the rooms with all the security we have, to the homeless.

Naw, I'm dreaming as if I would be the POTUS' wife and telling him what I would do. All that food, festivities, vacations golfing...what pigs.

That goes for all YOU politicians, because the money that holds you all up is the money that is going to HOLD YOU DOWN.

Hawaiin vacations, ribs, ice cream, golf, you name it. All good things eventually come to an end.

It doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat.

People will vote now on character, integrity and morals. Who possesses that?

Someone that isn't afraid of his/her past. That's who IS going to win the hearts and minds of voters. Not religion affiliation. You can be a preacher and still be a devil.

Cain's out...I'm sitting out. Like Trump, if I don't like someone, I am NOT voting. If Trump, a guy who knows overseas' dealings (China) and invested so much of his money in the USA, and tells you shit you don't want to answer..if you refuse to pony up to a real business man in a debate...you are a coward.

I beg all you guys/gals to quit it. Do you not have a conscious? Your job is at stake whether you are Reep, Demo or a relative/friend with a state job.

It sucks. I was only 23...I quit the gov't because I had a conscious. I didn't believe in working for nothing. I have NO regrets. The ones who told me I would are long, gone dead.They went to their graves with guilt. I won't.

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PostSubject: Re: One Subject I Would Like To Discuss:   12/3/2011, 10:49 pm

If Trump doesn't like the candidates, and runs..he's got me. He raised a brood of kids smart as him, and you know what? He invested in the USA, overseas, has relationships with China, you fuck with his businesses, his relationships overseas, you fuck with the voter.

Anyone who refuses to listen to him during a debate, or refuse to debate with him as a moderator is hiding stuff.

They are afraid. But Trump has too much stake in this country and others to allow minions to ruin it all for lack of knowlege.

If you boycott Trump as a moderator, you are dumber than a fifth grader. You are fearful of being exposed as dumb.

You don't know squat if you refuse to be debated in front of a guy that was never afraid to put his money where his mouth was and probably knows more foreignors than any POTUS.

Obama...please do play in Hawaii. You give America another reason to tell you to enjoy all you can on taxpayers' dollars, yelling at Congress they "may have to work during Christmas if they don't resolve things".

While you are on VACATION since America knew you. You should be with CONGRESS, as usual you hit the road.


Enjoy your leisure vacation as you have for the last 3 years. I hope someday the truth willl come out. Until then, you are the usual "Bling, Cha-Ching."
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One Subject I Would Like To Discuss:
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