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 Purdue Cal Protests

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PostSubject: Purdue Cal Protests   11/10/2011, 7:23 pm

Well my friends had told me that this was going on and the article confirmed who it was. Looks like the students have been protesting our favorite professor 'Mo' (I hope he doesn't consider abbreviations of his first name racist... lol)

When Will 'Mo' Learn?
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the oracle


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PostSubject: Re: Purdue Cal Protests   11/10/2011, 8:21 pm

oh moshe what have you done?

well, i dont know so i wont call him a racist myself. and i dont want to be like him so i wont add to the (fire). (was gonna say a commonly used phrase there but caught myself as i know that m.e. would have jumped on it and again falsly accused me of what hes accused of)

but i will say this. isnt it ironic that someone that throws around the race card so often is now being called on the carpet himself? i also find it funny how hes accusing a fellow professor of organizing the protest as if that were an outrageous act in his mind. maurice has organized so many such events himself one couldnt begin to count them.

good lesson there. what goes around......
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PostSubject: Re: Purdue Cal Protests   11/11/2011, 7:15 am

Moeshe is like Rick Perry. He stepped in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Purdue Cal Protests   

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Purdue Cal Protests
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