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 IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!

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PostSubject: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/18/2011, 8:06 pm

Despite an article appearing Sunday in the Chicago Trib saying Quinn was going to blast the Indiana boats, today the news reads differently in different papers.

Make up your mind, spineless!!!!


Gov bets on veto; deals plan to scale back gambling bill

Gov. Pat Quinn threatened Monday to veto a massive gambling-expansion bill and instead proposed a scaled-back alternative that would still allow a casino in Chicago and four other new casinos but not allow slot machines at racetracks, O’Hare and Midway airports and the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Beside Chicago, Quinn’s plan calls for new casinos in Lake County, the south suburbs, Rockford and Danville.

“I’m the final word,” Quinn said. “We’re not going to have a willy-nilly gambling bill in Illinois that is not protecting integrity, that is way too big and excessive and doesn’t provide adequate revenue for education. ... Casino gambling at 14 different locations in Illinois is way too much. We have no interest in becoming the Las Vegas of the Midwest. We need to retain our culture.”

Quinn said he also opposes providing any new subsidies for the racing industry, as legislators proposed. Nor would he allow slot machines to be installed at O’Hare Airport, Midway Airport and the Illinois State Fairgrounds — also approved by the Illinois Legislature.

Quinn also wants to bar gaming licensees and casino operators from making political contributions to state officials.


Southland leaders welcome Quinn’s support for casino
Southland leaders are encouraged by Gov. Pat Quinn’s announcement Monday that he would support a casino in the south suburbs. Chicago Heights Mayor David Gonzalez said the area is struggling with high unemployment and a shrinking tax base, and a casino would not only provide …


After months of political feuding with Gov. Pat Quinn over casino gambling, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday changed his tune, saying he hoped to find “common ground” that would pave the way for a Chicago casino and a bonanza of local revenues.

One day after Quinn drew the line at five new casinos and ruled out slot machines at racetracks, O’Hare and Midway Airports and the Illinois State Fairgrounds, Emanuel said he had a “good conversation” with the governor and came away encouraged. He said a revised gambling bill could be introduced by Friday.


'Start over!'
Gov. Quinn smacks down sponsors of a gambling bill stuffed to wretched excess

Geeeez, smakin' good news, eh?
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/18/2011, 9:25 pm

Here's my take. The deal will get done. Somehow they'll figure a way to help the horse racing industry. Meanwhile,expect a whole lot of posturing in the meantime. Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/19/2011, 6:54 am


Joliet is still trying to gauge the long-term impact from the July opening of Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, which has taken business away from other casinos in the Chicago suburbs.

Quinn’s package would scale back the gaming expansion approved by the state Legislature earlier this year. But it would allow new casinos in Chicago, an undetermined location in south suburban Cook County, Lake County, Rockford and Danville. The governor’s package takes out so-called “racinos” that would add slot machines at horse race tracks and also leaves out a proposal to add slot machines to O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport.

The governor’s plan needs legislative support to become reality. Still, Giarrante said, “I was hoping there would be much more scale-down than that.”

City Manager Thomas Thanas has pointed to lower casino revenues at Joliet and elsewhere since Rivers Casino opened in arguing that new casinos are “cannibalizing” the marketplace.

Thanas said eliminating the “racino” proposal will ease the impact of added gambling on Joliet revenues.

But, he said, “It will still be a challenge for the city of Joliet if there’s a south suburban casino. There’s no doubt that will cut into the market share that the Joliet casinos have.”



I agree with this guy:

The new legislation (yet to be sent to the governor for his signature or veto) would add five new casinos (including a Chicago casino), slot machines at racetracks and airports, effectively tripling the number of gaming positions in the state.

Sounds like a great move if this action would triple the gaming tax revenues for state and local governments — but it won’t. While the bill can legislate increased gaming in the state, it can’t guarantee new revenues will be generated. In fact since the ban on smoking and the downturn in the economy revenue at the existing nine casinos in Illinois have dropped more than 30 percent.

Since the opening of the new casino in DesPlaines there was a slight uptick in gaming revenues year over year in September but most of the existing casinos continued to see net losses. The industry nationally is under pressure and the proposed massive expansion in Illinois would hurt revenues to both government and businesses that rely on the growth, not decline, of gaming.

Gaming expansion in Illinois should begin with helping the existing casinos be more competitive and generate more revenue from the existing marketplace. Lower the gross receipts tax and other costs so existing casinos can compete in the greater metro area. What Illinois is doing is simply moving the proverbial deck chairs around the Titanic. And there aren’t enough lifeboats to save us all. Gov. Quinn needs to veto the gaming expansion bill.

John Greuling is president and CEO of the Will County Center for Economic Development


As a passerby, passing time, I personally visited the Horseshoe in Joliet, IL a few weeks ago just to see what had changed, if anything.

I couldn't believe how desperate the boat had become since my last can't-remember-when visit.

Gone are the mostly penny machines that dominated about half the floor where you could change the domination to 2, 3, 5 or 10 cents and could use the total of 9 lines to bet with a penny or two.

Most of the machines are now only 2 cents and you are given no choice to play but all the lines, with a choice of selecting or wagering only 200, 500 etc., to play a game. That translates into several dollars to a huge amount of dollars for one bet.

I walked around to see what happened to those simple past-time games that called for nine lines x 2 cents or 1 cent to play.

Hardly any there. Wow. I walked out with the sense that the casino is really hard-up and trying to take advantage of those who still patronize it.

The atmosphere is very DULL there. No one was winning on any of the machines I walked by.

Bottom line is, I believe you can put thousands of casinos everywhere, but the truth is, the gaming revenue isn't flowing in like the good old days, so they cut back on rewarding the player.

The old time machines fall on white space, continuously. I saw one old man playing for a long, long time while I walked around and peeked at him, wanting to see if he'd win anything. Nothing.

Most gamblers that I observed were down to ten or less bucks after a short while.

It's just a B.S. industry that if IL should put in a few casinos along the wall of shame between Hammond and the IL side, I don't think it's going to do squat to the Hammond Horseshoe or whatever it's called now.

People go where they know the machines pay. Some go because they can smoke along side their machines.

IL aready is suffering with the stats on their casinos, especially land-based ones, and adding more is not a cure.

People just don't have the money to gamble.

Tackling the real problem would be to get rid of the excess gov't, the corruption in IL and tightening the belts on all gov't officials and get rid of all those useless township halls, etc.

Businesses are not welcome even downtown Chicago with all the added taxes. Business are not relocating there; they decided to look elsewhere. Tourism is going down, and with the added hotel tax, and "congestion tax" (2.00 extra to park downtown), it will be another Detroit in no time.

Note: The links provided above would show the whole article. I just copied only excerpts.
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/19/2011, 7:12 am

Sorry, I meant I visited "HARRAH's" in Joliet. Not Horsehoe. I can't even keep track of their names. LOL Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/27/2011, 12:53 pm

Where in the state of IL would they put a casino where people would be brave enough to enter the neighborhood and not fear getting followed home after winning?

Ford Heights, "All drinks, no clothes, and try exiting alive!"

Calumet City on a dirty river? I don't think their own politicians would patronize it. Being they live in Indiana....

Dolton, if you wear your cap the wrong way, your dead?

Riverdale, home of "You're Lucky If They Find Your Body"?

Those boats in IL are already sinking. Adding more will bring little revenue to all, and some will sink to the bottom.

There just isn't enough money to support them. Or, should I have said, "No one's working, so how will they patronize?"
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   10/27/2011, 5:32 pm

UrRight wrote:
Where in the state of IL would they put a casino where people would be brave enough to enter the neighborhood and not fear getting followed home after winning?
You could say the same things about the casinos in Indiana. East Chicago and Gary aren't exactly garden spots yet I don't hear about robberies. Ford Heights,Ill for example has a nice strip club that does well and I have yet to hear of any patrons being robbed.
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PostSubject: Re: IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!   

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IL GOV QUINN: Hold Your Horses!
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