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 Shhh .... Don't tell the Obamas

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PostSubject: Shhh .... Don't tell the Obamas   9/17/2011, 12:17 pm


Shape Up or Pay Up: Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is giving city workers an important health choice: enroll in a new wellness plan, expected to be unveiled Friday, or pay a higher premium.
The price if they don't enroll: $50 a month.
The program includes an initial screening that focuses on preventative care for asthma, heart disease and diabetes. City employees would then receive wellness training to achieve long-term health goals, including weight loss.
Smokers wouldn't be penalized, but they would be encouraged to quit. Advisers overseeing the program will monitor progress on a bimonthly basis, and those who reach their goals could see their health care premiums reduced.
"We will help you be a good steward for your health," Emanuel said Friday, "but if you choose not to, you'll pay that price and that is the price you'll have to pay."

Oh, Blessed Jesus, we beseech thee in thy tender mercy - please do not let Barry and Michelle get wind of this or we will all be spending the rest of our earthly existence either broke or on treadmills.

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Shhh .... Don't tell the Obamas
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