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 Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!

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PostSubject: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 10:30 am

I apologize if I am in the wrong "topic" area, but thought this would actually be the best place to post and seek advice or information needed.

As most know, my dad is now suffering from cancer that has spread. He is a WWII Vet...my question is, please advise me (he resides in Michigan, 8 miles south of Paw Paw), on several questions, and where to go.

1) He has permanent nerve damage in both hands and feet. Something my brother wrote down by his computer says..."Medicare will cover until Feb. 21st". My dad does carry Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but what I would like to know, if something should happen, is my mother entitled to Veteran's Benefits from serving in the war? He did have sharpel (can't find spell-check), removed, but anyway, is he eligible for VA monetary money now, and is my mom entitled to it, if something should happen?

If so, does the VA pick up if medicare runs out?

2) Since he weighs dead-meat, needs someone strong to help him go to the bathroom, and that would be around the clock care at home, is there some organization that will pay for that, if the Medicare/BC & BS doesn't pay? Where do we go for help on that?

My brother said he gets released Tuesday from the rehabilitation center because he is not improving, his nerves are permanently damaged from the chemo/radiation. They scanned him again, and also the two new tumors in his head. We will not know until the 21st of this month the results...or if they will even go forward with the radiation/chemo for his head.

I just want to know, is he and should he have applied earlier for VA monetary assistance....is my mom going to qualify, and where would I look on the web for answers.

By posting this in the Nat'l forum, I am hoping to gain wider attention from WWII veterans or someone who knows if he is entitled to any monetary benefits or health care where they won't charge to have 24 hour help. My brother can't live up there for months. He has his own health issues stemming from the VietNam war, and is also wanting more information.

He is interested, as well for himself and his wife. He did suffer severe hearing loss from guns, etc., even though it runs in the family, wasn't suppose to be passed down to the guys in the family.

My father also lost his hearing after the chemo/radiation. Down to like about where I am, even though he isn't the carrier of the "gene". My mom is.

Well, any information you can give me regarding my questions would be so grateful to me.

My dad has been a life-long member of the American Legion and the Vet's Assoc., but I don't know how to go about this...at this point, at his age, is he entitled to monetary assistance regarding health care, while he is slowly dying?

My mom will not be able to afford to live without his pension and half of his soc. sec. Is she entitled to his pension and Soc. Security?

My girlfriend...her father worked at the mills in E.C., lived in Hegewisch, died many years ago. Her mother was denied his soc. sec. and any of his pension. Is that normal? She ended up working for the city of Chicago, and is living off her small pension and soc. sec., but not a penny for what her dead husband socked into SS and his pension. She resides in Hobart.

I thought spouses were entitled to dead spouses Soc. Sec., after they passed away, if they had been married for ten years. Now, please explain why a spouse is not entitled to her husband's pension and at least part of his soc. sec. if he passes away, and they have been married for 64 years.

Anyone out there that knows anything...please help.

The State of Michigan is where he is located. He is unable to visit a VA Center to find out if he is entitled to monetary help...So, veterans in the "know," please help me.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 10:53 am

Contact the VA - you might need Power of Attorney before they talk to you instead of your dad or mom.
Same with Social Security - depends on which would be more - hers or 1/2 of his (I think).
As far as pension, depends on what papers he signed when he retired. Decades ago, retirees could sign to get the whole thing - leaving spouses nothing when the retiree died. Now, I assume spouses have to sign off on that.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 12:19 pm

Karen is correct. Your best bet is to contact the VA and Social Security.

I looked around a bit, and the answers to your questions depend on a number of factors. It's way too complicated to deal with in a post.

Someone in your family is going to need Power of Attorney.


Here is a link to the VA site,,,


and a link to some info on Social Security survivors benefits...


A good attorney may be able to help you with some of these issues. Many of them will charge you nothing for an initial consultation, and may be able to steer you to the people who can help you with some of these questions. The American Legion might be able to help as well, especially with the VA stuff.

I'm sorry that I don't have any quick answers for you. I know what a bummer it is to be going through something like this.

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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 1:21 pm

I assume since your dad's been ill for a while, someone has POA. If not, it's a good idea. We did all that before hubby went to Afghanistan last year - and got one for my college age son, so I could take care of stuff while he was away. I don't think it's that expensive - under $200.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 4:50 pm

Yes, my younger sister has power of attorney medical decisions, my younger brother also has medical decisions and also has the business part end of it. It doesn't matter, cuz as siblings, we discuss together and they have power of attorney...being the youngest family members with combined brains. We all make decisions together, regardless. Our parents' well-being comes first and that's all that matters to all five of us.

The house has been paid off many moons ago. They planned for their retirement, so much that they even took out a WILL years ago, making sure each of us as adults, and grandchildren are left with something.

I don't care about being left "with something". I just want benefits for my mom since she hasn't worked since the 1940-50s, in a factory, and was a stay at home mom.

I don't want to loose the family home that brought us so much joy. I don't want my mom missing out on survivor benefits.

I also want to know if my older Marine brother can do something now, to ensure if he is entitled to benefits, gets them.

We aren't seeking "Free Hand-outs". Simply asking if my dying father has a chance of having round the clock care, since he served his country, and is worried about my mom if he does die.

It's a lot on our minds, and I told my older brother I was going to ask you guys....for links, for serving our country.

There are numerous American Legions and Vet places near where my brother lives. Everyone knows my dad in his hometown in MO. But, what and where do you go in Michigan, when he really can't travel where the nearest VA place is for opinion/advice?

Does my mom have to loose the house, tho paid for, to have 'round the clock care"? Though the house is paid for, the attorney made the will out if one should die, in this instance, I found out now what my brother's note was about regarding Medicare not paying as of Feb. 21st.

It meant that since he showed no improvement in the rehabilitation center, and test results are due on the 21st of February, they no longer will keep or pay for him via Medicare...that he would need to go home..that his adult children are to take care of him.

I tried...I would clean his azz, help him pee..but my sister and mom are deaf, and when I need help, I could jeopardize him falling..etc...he is not match to me. I am one hundred pounds vs. dead meat, bloated from chemo and radiation.

I know it is nearing the end, but as I asked, is there help out there and not just monetary rewards for my mom, but around the clock without sucking out what they slaved and saved for?

Would going to the nearest VA place in Will County where my brother resides, be the best place to go - if so, where?

Another thing...do they base it on assets and income? Do the veterans' association help with these questions, is that the answer. I'm in IL right now, and he's in Michigan...do the answers vary depending on where my dad lives? Gosh, I appreciate your answers...but I can't see my mom thrown out of a home she so pinched her pennies for and my dad.

Is this the "death panel"? Medicare knows my sis and mom are not able to care for him, body weight, hearing wise. So what is the solution...send my disabled brother "vet" to stay away from his own family to help my dad?

My mom and sis can't hear him. They can't call 911. What do we do? What is out there?

Michigan Visiting Nurses wants big money...rape the guy before he dies. Don't mind paying, but don't rape a "down VET!"

Thanks for the leads...if what I wrote gives you a better portrait inviting more answers..thanks.

But, how do they or we keep the government for making my mom pay more if he served his country, and paid a big price sacrificing his life, and live this long, only to more or less be told to go home, and wait...more than a month later for a test result...that we know is only a death sentence?

Everything is in trust, but I don't want my parents' money, non of kids do...but how can we help them?
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 7:16 pm

They can't take the house - it's paid for. At least I think that's the rule if you go in a nursing home. How do your mom and sis handle things normally - check if you can find a baby monitor that lights up. Maybe a website for the deaf? I can't give you links - just something to search on. If your dad planned as well as you think he did, surely your mom has life insurance coming to her. How long have they lived in Michigan - if the house is paid for, must be a while. Is someone in the family nearby in Michigan? They might have to get answers to these questions. Best of luck - I'm glad my folks were close by!
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/12/2011, 8:07 pm

WJOB hosts a radio program called "Veterans Views" on Fridays @ 9AM.
Quote :
Veterans' Views Radio program was started by American Legion Victory Post #168 of Hammond, Indiana to get the message out in a public forum where vets have a voice, and can be helped by certified service officers. Within our membership are two nationally certified service officers. With the assistance of these service officers our mission is to help veterans with the flow of information that comes out of the VA on a daily basis regarding benefits that veterans have earned while in service.

Hammond Victory Post #168
721 State Street
Hammond, Indiana 46320
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/13/2011, 2:39 pm

Thank you to all. I did find a link to the Bronson Hospital that provides round the clock care. My brother can't be expected to leave HIS family to help my mom and sis. Or dad. Baby monitors are of no use, lights, nothing. They sleep hard....

Anyway, Medicare only refuses to pay for his rehab because the rehab showed he did not improve, will not improve.

I also contacted the American Vets' Assoc. and will go to soc. sec. tomorrow to find out if they are being (parents) midled on their benefits.

Thank you and Artie, the link! Yes, they have made a will out years ago; the house has been paid for years ago.

The problem and worry is...my mom says she will not be able to collect his Soc. Sec. I find that not true. She feels she won't be able to keep up with the taxes.

She does her own yard work, etc., neighbors family help out.

I just wanted to know two things at this point: I already found round the clock care via the hospital, Medicare will pay for.

The other is...being married for 64 years I think, why would she not be able to collect on his Soc. Sec.?

Or, his work benefits?
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   2/13/2011, 5:22 pm

Have her write or email the company his pension comes from. She needs to know the plans he made when he retired. I don't know why she wouldn't be able to get his SS. Your mom and sis might have to take turns sleeping - what do they usually do at night - for an alarm and such.
Bruce's grandma lived alone and was deaf. We spent a whole holiday weekend trying to call her - thinking the worst. We found out she liked the silence, so she took her hearing aids out! For her next birthday, we got her a lamp that hooked to the phone - it would go on and off when the phone rang. My dad-in-law hooked it up. The next time they went to see her, it was disconnected. She said she didn't want anyone who came to the house to know she was deaf (like a post). My mom-in-law said she was vain.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!   

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Need Help on Info from WWII Veterans...or any Military VET!!!!
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