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PostSubject: I HAD TO BORROW ARCLIGHT'S POST!!!   1/28/2011, 1:49 pm

Northwest Indiana Discussion (Under National...won't allow you to copy link).

Walter Williams:Welfare State Has Destroyed The Black Family


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-={ARCLIGHT}=- Post subject:

Walter Williams:Welfare State Has Destroyed The Black FamilyPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:52 pm

He's amongest my favorite posters!

Watching old movies from slave days forward, I always pondered on:

Why I don't see, TODAY, real Black families devoted to one another AFTER slavery was abolished?

like seeing them in a movie like those in the old days, even though slavery is abolished so long ago,, why now, is the father missing out of 90% of the households?

I always thought it was because "the more you have, the more you get paid".

I had no insurance when I had my children. I made arrangements and didn't feel like I owned them until I fulfilled my debt obligation to society.

I chose to have them...I didn't even think of abortion or adoption. I owned up to my just by "God's" decision...
and paid for doing the right thing: Family, God, and feeling it happened for a reason. I and their father took responsibility even though we used birth control. God wanted it to happen. Except, we were not at the time, financially ready....or planned it to collect a reward for "shitz happens". It was eight years together before it bounced on us. I believed God played a part in it.

We were in the midst of trying to crawl his business out of bankruptcy back then. I knew God would help me help him get out of it. It wasn't his fault he got defrauded by a nephew who committed embezzlement while he was gone in Atlanta running another company...and was unaware, he was being betrayed by a nephew.

I didn't ask for handouts. I didn't know a damn thing about going to an agency to pay my way, get money, food stamps, whatever.

Never heard of that shitz.

Now, the gov't as I have learned over the years..pays you to have babies.

What is wrong is..those babies grow up. They are no longer "cute". The mother(s) think gov't will take care of them and pay all that money..until they turn 18.

The mother(S) don't realize that if they "CARED," they would use protection (even though it only protected me for 8 years).

They don't realize gov't won't be there "forever". They get pregnant on purpose to collect, "The more ya have, the more we will give you....).

This is not said to include all black, yellow, green or white people. It happens across all nationalities and color of skin. So don't take this personally. I've seen it in my own family when the PG bomb hit. Except in my extended family, they stopped at ONE. They learned their lesson. It isn't easy to raise ONE vs...3 or 4 or more. That's where I want to draw the line: One kid only. After that, drop the free housing, food stamps, and cash. That's why our nation is going broke, and they want to deny my parents medicare coverage they need for just simple things the dr. ordered and both insurance companies (Medicare, BC & BS) denied a sliding board to get him in and out of bed. Imagine, they are telling them to allow us to pay, or rot in bed. For $600.00 paid out a month, they wouldn't approve a damn $250.00 sliding board. That's why he's in rehab after the hospital.

Have a kid, three kids? No problem. They are covered. Here's some cash in case ya need it, here's free housing in case ya need it...and oh, ya need food? Here's the card. Oh? You need more food? Go to the food banks. Just have someone else walk in for you and give false info. I know how they are, white, yellow, green or black.

Thus, the men get off "scott-free" sticking their pee-holes any which way the wind blows because they know they won't be held accountable.

Then you are left with a society that turns to the streets, cuz "Mama" needs money..the gov't cut her off".

I'm not saying this happens with every black, white, yellow or green family,...but too much gov't reliance removes the parents from personal responsibility.

A limit must be imposed.

If you can't afford ONE and put that child through college without a crutch to become a productive part of society, you have no business getting rewarded for a second, third or fourth child. There has to be a cut-off.

As with the illegals. No more giving away free hospitalization, no benefits, no automatic citizenship, no food stamps, no "sanctuaries"...and go back home once you get pregnant, have the Dr., by law, report you, and have you deported.

We can't AFFORD YOU!

It would help to contain the cost we spend supporting people that think they have roots just because someone got them pregnant.

It would also help in supporting the fence, which we won't need once we make it clear, you can't collect welfare and stay here and have your kid ordained automatically as a citizen if born on our soil. It would crack down on companies that hire "non-union" to cut-corners on inferior workmanship. Union employees, such as carpenters, have to take schooling up (required) to keep up with the latest on tech, building supplies, and workmanship.

The clowns I saw doing landscaping were from a well-known, huge company from New Lenox were sent by the company to "re-glaze" the back patio at my bro's house.

His patio was the latest....I wish I could or would have put it throughout my own little home as a floor. It looks like concrete tile with ripples and shone like a light outside...marbled looking, you felt like you could walk barefoot on it.

The company sent out ignorant a-holes from Mexican descent, and actually RUINED their new patio from 2 years ago. They were not licensed, educated or eligible to do the job properly, thus a lawsuit is pending.

There are so many areas where we can cut down on the national debt, yet our politicians play the deaf ear.

That's why we end up with worthless idiots in office, cuz they depend on the Hispanics and the "Black Vote".

My God, even Rev, Jackson who pays no taxes because of his "tax-exempt" religious status.....and not to mention Farrakhan, Sharpton, put us even in further debt.

I always wondered why I saw so many store-front churches with no one going in or out, traveling even on weekends, through 89th and Greenwood...now I know.

Crooks with make-shift store front churches....collecting what they can, tax free.

Our welfare system sucks. It absolutely sucks. I worked, I paid, when I didn't know I could suck off the system.

I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't be proud to say I did.

I did it on my own. I owned up to my responsibilities,. With the help of my ex, I did do it, but not without sharing responsibilities, and making the transition as easy as possible so the children never felt they were without a two-parent family. Morals, ethics, agreeing on what's best for what we did at the time.

The whole thing would have made me greedy had I known if I had a child that I could get money dumped in a ATM card, along with free housing, food stamps...it would have changed me into..."Fluck you, I don't need you as a father....I can do this alone."

Which meant...their dad wouldn't have been there and my kids would have repeated the cycle.

But, I am blessed by God for doing the right thing and having a wonderful Father of our children, that insisted on what best school to send them to.

A father that insisted he would provide money and insurance and share medical records and participate in Teacher's Conferences...add in the sense of humor....We did it without you, Gov't! When I went to work, we agreed my insurance was better than his, and I paid for it from my check. That's called, "Parenting".

What is BEST for the children. Not you or the missing parent...the CHILD or children. If you can't afford to raise them on your own...give them up for adoption and face reality. Welfare is a demeaning lifestyle. It has to be embarrasing....if you would want to speak the truth and admit it as an honest person. I'd be so ashamed to ask for the hand-out.

Absent is the father in any household that goes on to stick his prick anywhere he wants...and a woman who thinks she can do the same....shame on you! No morals, no self-esteem, and reliance on others to take care of what happens in your life.

Where has family disappeared in the black people world after days of slavery?

They made themselves slaves again by depending on others to pay them to survive by having more kids, getting more pay.

Put a limit on one kid...see how fast they order condoms and birth control knowing the public won't be required to adopt their lifestyle.

This goes for any color..any illegals, also.

This was one topic I wanted to bring up for so long.,..but didn't know exactly how to "phrase it".

For that, I am grateful my dear friend, Arclight who shone a light on it...and I apologize for copying and pasting it, but it sure hit home with me.

I am not ashamed to say that I was on my own for awhile after we had two, beautiful children.

We did what we had to do without relying on the gov't.


I suggest all you single gals get an education before you "accidently get pregnant" because soon enough this has got to come to an end...awarding you for being stupid and having children you can't afford.

By the way, I used birth control...it failed me. I didn't plan pregnancies.

We must have some rampant genes cuz even my ex- his neice had her tubes tied and still got pregnant with an eighth child.

Don't worry....she works as an "advocate" for abused children in the court system in Florida...she didn't need your tax money. She cut hair as a licensed hairdresser, and returned back to work for the gov't for children. Tampa Bay.

Came from a family with 7 kids...non were on the dole, nor her parents.

You make your bed, you sleep in it...under the bridge after the first fluck-up.

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PostSubject: Re: I HAD TO BORROW ARCLIGHT'S POST!!!   1/28/2011, 2:45 pm

I apologize for rambling or repeating. Got interrupted so many times...I lost my trail of thought.

But, I'm sure you got my point.

And, hope you, Arclight will not be mad for borrowing your topic that hit me right in the heart.

You spoke my feelings...you spoke what I felt in the heart.

I just didn't know how to express it like you did.
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PostSubject: Re: I HAD TO BORROW ARCLIGHT'S POST!!!   1/30/2011, 3:15 am

Not surprised Arclight posted that. Not at all.
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PostSubject: Re: I HAD TO BORROW ARCLIGHT'S POST!!!   1/31/2011, 12:20 pm

Heretic wrote:
Not surprised Arclight posted that. Not at all.

Yeah. Well I wasn't going to respond at all to this posting, because I found it repulsive and based upon blatant ignorance, Here are just a few links that illustrate the fallacy of the simple minded arguments that have been posted in this thread.




Contrary to what some believe, facts matter. We will never be able to effectively address society's ills until we stop finger pointing and demonizing the poor people in this country, whatever color they may be... one can either choose to believe the rantings of an Op-Ed writer who fills in for Rush Limbaugh, or take a little time and get educated about reality.

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PostSubject: Re: I HAD TO BORROW ARCLIGHT'S POST!!!   2/1/2011, 3:08 am

Thanks for the info. I didn't have enough info for an adequate rebuttal, though I assumed it was nonsense given the source.
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