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 Speech Will Highlight Obama the Author

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PostSubject: Speech Will Highlight Obama the Author   1/24/2011, 12:53 pm

Just wanted to start a thread in anticipation of Obama's State of The Union Address tomorrow. There was an interesting article in the New York Times today about the process that Obama goes through to prepare for the speech. It's worth a read, especially if you're not already familiar with the process.

He still follows the same formula that he did when he was a candidate. His speeches are a collaborative effort of Obama and his his top speechwriter, Jon Favreau. As usual, this speech will be largely written by Obama himself...

Speech Will Highlight Obama the Author

Quote :
Mr. Obama discussed what he wanted to say while Mr. Favreau typed furiously into his laptop computer, capturing not only the president’s broad policy goals but Mr. Obama’s phrasing and tone.

That began a weeks-long back and forth in which Mr. Obama would often take a draft of the speech back to the White House residence and sit with a legal pad, rewriting large sections in longhand, advisers said.

Often, Mr. Obama typed out thoughts on his Blackberry, sending missives to his advisers about what he wanted to say or how he wanted to say it.

The pattern is comfortable for Mr. Obama, who is an author of two books and likes putting his thoughts on paper, they said. The president has spent time practicing his delivery of the speech as it has gotten closer, but the development process was done largely in writing.

Hopefully, everyone will watch this important speech tomorrow night. Feel free to post your comments and links to the transcript and video when they become available...

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PostSubject: Re: Speech Will Highlight Obama the Author   1/26/2011, 10:07 am

I thought the speech was OK. Certainly not his best,but I don't think he really needed to hit it out of the park last night. The 2 points I liked were his openness to fixing some things with the health care reform,but at the same time reiterating that we are not going back to to the past like square 1. The second was the tax cuts for the rich. Yeah,I know he caved last year but with all the noise on the right about cutting spending this issue needs to be kept front and center so that the American people can see just exactly who the right is standing up for.

Meanwhile the Repub Paul Ryan rebuttal was the usual cut spending doom and gloom rhetoric the right loves to scare people with. Plenty of outright lies like claiming the stimulus was a failure. (Yoo hoo? Mr Ryan? Don't you get stock market numbers on Planet Wingnuttia? Look up the term "leading indicator" and get back to us) As far as naming what exactly he would cut,well he was AWOL on that front,never mentioning 1 specific thing. Oh yeah,and what the hell was going on with those bloodshot eyes? Shocked

Michelle Bachmann? :rolfcry: Well I didn't think anyone could outdo Bobby Jindal's 2009 disaterous SOTU rebuttal but our gal Michelle really stepped up to the challenge by looking into the wrong camera for her entire rant. Please announce your candidacy for POTUS ASAP Laughing
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Speech Will Highlight Obama the Author
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