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 GOP Debate 09/07/11 Discussion

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PostSubject: GOP Debate 09/07/11 Discussion   9/8/2011, 3:43 pm

I thought that Rick Perry dug a pretty good hole for himself by insisting that Social Security is a "Ponzi Scheme". He also didn't do himself any favors whatsoever by calling out political operative Karl Rove. He got that 'Deer in the headlights" look when he was asked about what papers or authors he read in regards to climate change. He seemed to be in over his head on that question. He never answered the question and naturally the crack media never followed up on the question. Evil or Very Mad All in all he reminded me of another uncurious buffoon who also was the Gov of Texas before he ran for Pres.

The only one in the room that sounded reasonable was John Huntsman who of course is only polling at about 1% mainly due to the fact that he operates in reality and believes in science and evolution. Shocked

Winner? Probably Romney due to Perry's Soc Sec stance that he'll now have to explain. Gingrich didn't do bad but he's a lost cause. Loser? Michelle Bachmann. Said nothing that would make herself stand out. Stick a fork in her. She's done.

The creepiest moment of the night came when the audience,apparently all mouth breathers,erupted with applause over Perry setting the record on executions. Republicans sure seem to enjoy killing,don't they?
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GOP Debate 09/07/11 Discussion
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