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 Rudy Clueless, Mayor of Gary, Makes More Than Ole'Man Mitch!!!!

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PostSubject: Rudy Clueless, Mayor of Gary, Makes More Than Ole'Man Mitch!!!!   1/18/2011, 1:21 pm

They go to the distressed board????

Found this article in "Opinion", P-Times, today. Unbelievalbe...and the one comment posted made more sense than the "opinion" itself!

No wonder they are so "Distressed"!


January 18, 2011

Before the city of Gary lays off another firefighter, authorizes another dime's worth of fees on its residents or shuts down children's parks, it needs to cut from the top.

The mayor and City Council should enact that symbolic gesture and give a good whacking to their own salaries, to acknowledge they really care and really can lead.

Despite a nominal pay cut, Mayor Rudy Clay makes $135,250 a year. That's more than Gov. Mitch Daniels is paid. Taxpayers should demand to know why, and what they get for it.

The nine council members each makes $27,530 annually. Members of the Indiana Distressed Unit Appeals Board expressed dismay last week at those salaries.

In 2009, the DUAB suggested some belt-tightening in the City Council's operating budget, which was $1.3 million, including $585,745 for personnel. That's more than Gary's Park Department budget. The DUAB said Gary's council budget was three times larger than council budgets for South Bend and Evansville.

Why does the council need all that cash? In South Bend, for example, the council doesn't have a staff. If a council member needs assistance, a worker in the city clerk's office provides support. Why can't that work in Gary?

In Gary, council members make about $10,000 more than their counterparts in Evansville and South Bend. DUAB board member Kyle Babcock, a Warsaw councilman, said he earns $4,800 as a city official.

Gary leaders need to be versed in making prudent, intelligent budget decisions. They've shown little proclivity for it, thus far. It took Post-Tribune stories exposing their cross-country travel excursions on the city's dime to stop that practice and to stop a "grants" fund in 2009.

Despite the criticism from DUAB members and in places like this one, there's still a disconnect between fiscal reality and Gary's leaders who should be developing reasons for people to move to Gary, not leave it.

So far, the exodus is winning.

The views expressed in these blog posts are those of the author and not of the Post-Tribune.

tcr wrote:
Gee, ya' think? People have been saying--make that demanding--this for years. But nonetheless, we are happy to see it in print for a change. Sure, the Post did a story on the council's travel expenses, and then they went to sleep until just now. Well at least now that we know you are awake, hopefully we'll see a lot more expose'-style writing.

Please allow me to point you in a direction that will bear immediate fruit: Professional-Service contracts. This is the mechanism of choice that Gary officials use to funnel money out of the system and into the pockets of their pals. It goes on every day.

By characterizing everything from sweeping floors to phantom maintenance contracts as "professional-service contracts, they eliminate the legal requiremnet to advertise for bids.

Let me ask a simple question: If someone is giving the city a price for a service, and they know in advance that there will be no competitive bidding, what do you think the odds are that the city will receive the lowest possible bid? Zero!

What about the mayor's driver and his omnipresent security detail?

What about the dozens of unneeded secretaries warming chairs at City Hall and the 839 Broadway building?

This is the absolute worst administration that any American city has ever experienced. This administration has far surpassed being the worst administration this city has ever had several years ago. To describe it succinctly: they are just a bunch of uneducated thugs that have neither the abilities nor the desires to run this city properly. All they care about is lining their pockets...as the city continues to crumble.

And this guy wants another term? It's beyond insane!
1/18/2011 5:40 AM CST on post-trib.com
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Posts : 3993

PostSubject: Re: Rudy Clueless, Mayor of Gary, Makes More Than Ole'Man Mitch!!!!   1/18/2011, 1:23 pm

Why don't they just send the FBI, STATE and FEDERAL ATTY's in there, and lock them up?

Ya know, anyone OUTSIDE of IN?

Rudy is just a typical giglio, raping his own city. I hope he ends up paying through the nose like that idiot mayor in E.C.

Paying a brainless, porkchop lined mask.
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Rudy Clueless, Mayor of Gary, Makes More Than Ole'Man Mitch!!!!
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