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 IL Laughing Stock of America!

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PostSubject: IL Laughing Stock of America!   1/13/2011, 10:16 am


Phil Kadner wrote this today...but where does the lottery money go? It was intended for schools only.

Almost every Democratic legislator elected from the Southland for more than a decade promised to support an income tax increase to improve school funding and provide property tax relief.

This week, the Illinois Legislature passed a 67 percent increase in the income tax. There was no money for property tax relief and may be little for the schools.

Taxpayers are outraged by the increase for many reasons. Government corruption, waste and political arrogance are a few of the explanations I heard.

Mostly, people were just angry. Count me among them.

I feel betrayed by elected officials because many of them knew long ago what needed to be done and didn’t do it.

They always had excuses. It seemed that the name “Mike Madigan” always came up in those conversations.

Madigan is the longest-serving speaker of the Illinois House. But he’s not appointed to the post for life. He’s elected by state representatives every two years.

And Madigan never wanted to pass a tax hike to finance the public schools.

Many Illinois lawmakers were patting themselves on the back Wednesday after the tax vote, telling anyone willing to listen they made a hard choice to save this state from financial catastrophe.

Cowards is what they really are. Republicans and Democrats, it doesn’t matter the party.

For 20 years, the Legislature failed to pass an income tax increase, and property tax bills skyrocketed as a result.

Lawmakers spent your children’s book money down in Springfield, failed to make pension payments and refused to address any of the real issues because they kept getting re-elected.

The economic crisis is only part of the reason for Illinois’ roughly $15 billion budget deficit. A lack of leadership is the major problem.

Two corrupt governors who were more interested in helping themselves and their friends than the people of this state didn’t help matters.

As for those today who want a governor who will oppose a tax hike, I give you Rod Blagojevich. He was elected twice on that pledge and with little else to recommend him.

You got what you wanted. And Illinois suffered for it.

State Sen. James Meeks (D-Chicago), who last year sponsored a bill that the Senate passed, imposing a similar tax hike, voted against the higher tax this week.

Again this time, Meeks wanted some of the new tax revenue to be used for education and property tax relief. He was promised that the cigarette tax would rise by $1 a pack to provide about $350 million for the public schools if he supported the income tax increase.

But in the end, Madigan said he couldn’t get the votes for the higher cigarette tax.

Is he serious? Legislators couldn’t vote for a sin tax to raise money for the public schools?

Actually, the cigarette tax was an awful solution to the school-funding problem and wouldn’t have raised nearly enough money.

And school funding is important.

Southland school systems, already underfunded, already failing children, have been slashing their budgets by millions of dollars in the past few years.

Still, most property owners have seen their tax bills rise. That’s not going to get better.

Two things are likely to happen now because of the higher income tax — more public school cuts and bigger property tax bills.

And, yes, that’s bad for business.

The one good thing that may happen is that the state may be able to pay some of the more than $6 billion in overdue bills sitting on the comptroller’s desk.

Already there’s talk that when this income tax hike (from 3 percent to 5 percent) is set to expire in four years, it likely will not. The money it generates will eventually go to education, people are saying.

I think the tax increase will become permanent. I think politicians will say that money is needed for the schools. And I think legislators will find a way to funnel those funds to other places, as they always have.

No matter what critics say about this state’s tax hike, they’re probably right.

That’s the one good thing about Illinois government. You can’t go wrong saying it’s all screwed up.

Trying to fix things, trying to make the state a better place to live, that’s the challenge.

And where leadership in this state has repeatedly failed.
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PostSubject: Re: IL Laughing Stock of America!   1/13/2011, 10:23 am

From the "Speak Out" column where readers sound off:

Looks like Indiana is getting a new neighbor. LOL

"I’m leaving this pathetic state as soon as I can. It’s just too much for an old man to have to put up with. I’m going to — and I never thought I’d say this — Indiana. I trust that you fools who continually voted based on race and party for the bozos who are in charge of the Illinois Legislature, decided to stay here and take your punishment. Do not come to Indiana with me. You’d only screw up that state."
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PostSubject: Re: IL Laughing Stock of America!   1/13/2011, 3:36 pm

Wisconsin Gov is repealing the former gov's laws on taxes. Wants to lure the businesses (big ones) from IL.

'mon Mitch...make your PITCH!

Even Mayors...make your pitch!
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PostSubject: Re: IL Laughing Stock of America!   1/14/2011, 8:43 pm

Ur stating the obvious Ur. Look for a big push in the near future. Thanks for posting info I otherwise would have never seen!
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PostSubject: Re: IL Laughing Stock of America!   

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IL Laughing Stock of America!
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