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 Indiana Should Pay Close Attention To IL's tax hikes....

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PostSubject: Indiana Should Pay Close Attention To IL's tax hikes....   1/8/2011, 7:18 pm

Maybe you are not aware, but they are attempting to raise the income tax on personal and business a whopping 75% increase for regular folks and more so, for corporations.

Another tax a pack on cigs.

Some columnist spoke aloud that almost every business will relocate to Indiana.

Smoke shops will go out of business so less taxation there.

People with high property taxes are going to move out of IL.

The thing is, I hope Charlie Brown thinks twice about the smoking ban for bars and the casinos. Restaurants, I can understand.

For example...a bar for 35 years in Will County held New Year's Eve parties and made a great profit. Now this past New Year's Eve...it is an end of an era for the popular bar...no more parties. Patrons quit going there for another reason: cops parked all around to pull them over anytime someone goes into have a few. The patrons were like family.

Thus, one less bar and no taxes.

Corporations, the author of the column said will backfire and move out to Indiana.

So, what's not broken, don't fix it. Don't even think of raising taxes on cigs, because their loss is Indiana's gain.

Mitch wasn't stupid on that part.

Another interesting thing is...it's not even a BILL yet...lame duck session with a governor that lied (Quinn) about raising the taxes on nothing but 1% on property taxes.

Well, most write-ins said they are leaving the state of IL. They can then be another state like Michigan.
Chicago will become broke. They are selling out beautiful bridges to raise revenue for corporations to stick logos on. Think Mexico.

With people already commenting they are leaving the state...the politicians will have no money to blow.

Sorta like Gary, IN.

My sister is relocating out of the state; my brother and his family. No one will be living in IL whether they suffer a loss on their houses or not. They have had it with IL and the corruption.

Taxation without representation. Why do they bother with the Constitution?

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PostSubject: Re: Indiana Should Pay Close Attention To IL's tax hikes....   1/9/2011, 7:46 pm

Well, I don't give a ratz azz anymore.

We're all leaving the northern snow, the what'eva. If you have to suffer, may as well be in the sun.

Can't speak for the son who will do as he pleases, but once we know what happens to my father, if it's bad, we're heading way south to wherever.

Why suffer in the cold when you can suffer in a swimming pool year round?

Frankly, don't give a damn anymore - keep the norther great lakes the way it is...like I don't care anymore, everyone is gonna take a loss on their property, just to enjoy life.

Not speaking for my son...myself and my siblings, my father and mother who has "HAD IT!" We all decided to take the loss on selling the houses and buy houses for half the cost they paid (not me, mine is worth shitz)...and live our dreams.

Moving on down.
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Indiana Should Pay Close Attention To IL's tax hikes....
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