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 Is This Legal? Re: Refinancing and Bank Approval

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PostSubject: Is This Legal? Re: Refinancing and Bank Approval   12/31/2010, 11:34 am

I am peeved. My nephew went months ago to get approved for refinancing his house which is worth less than when he bought it when he got married. He finally, after HER delays, having 2 babies on his union insurance, with 2 outside fathers, finally got his divorce in April.

He went to TCF which I consider an asshole bank, to refinance, remove her name, based on his income as a union carpenter.

Documents delivered on time, they said his house payments would be reduced from 700.00 to 500.00 a month.

Months later, just even the past few days, after being approved, wondered why the hell his house payments didn't go down. He lives on a slate house the same size as mine...

Every call and visit ended up..."We're confused...oh wait, we will get back to you."

Sure as hell, like his mom said (my sis in law)..."betcha they are waiting 'til the hike!" Sure as hell they hiked up the percentage rate today.

Is there any recourse for them saying they approved it, but blew him off, cuz we knew they were playing games with him. He kept up his calls, visits, etc., got blown off.

Saw Clark Howard a few weeks ago stating to go to a credit union. Best deal.

Does my nephew have a legal action case against this idiot bank that lied in the first place when awarding a loan based on an ex-wife's "no work" history and making up lies to give him and she the house on false reporting.

Then to hold my nephew hostage on a refinancing deal, saying he was approved, then ignored him, and today the rates went up.

Isn't the extortion?

Isn't that unethical?

Does anyone out there know if Clark Howard is right when he says, "Go to CREDIT UNIONS, forget the banks!"?
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PostSubject: Re: Is This Legal? Re: Refinancing and Bank Approval   1/3/2011, 8:17 pm

Well sure as hell, they were waiting for the interest rates to go up. Told him to go the Credit Union and tell the slimebags to go to hell at TCF.
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Is This Legal? Re: Refinancing and Bank Approval
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