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 REV. TAX-EXEMPT MEEKS: Only Black Women Should Qualify for Minority Contracts!

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PostSubject: REV. TAX-EXEMPT MEEKS: Only Black Women Should Qualify for Minority Contracts!   12/18/2010, 6:32 pm

I don't think anyone on this board needs a link.

How do you feel, being black, white, yellow or red, Indian or not about his remarks?

I feel separation of church and state should be considered. With a congregation in the thousands, tax-exempt, this guy is way out of our field, even though Chicago is not our town/city, whatever.

I also read Danny Davis' 10 or 13 questions by the Chicago Sun-Times today...both made themselves unelectable, unless voters just vote on race alone.

It's a sad day in America when skin color is to be a factor in anything.

This, in my opinion shows that the black community never intends to unite, and forget the past. How sick, even from Preachers such as Jackazz Jesse and even that Rip-off Farrakhan.

Living off your members of your congregation without having to pay property taxes is one thing. Bringing up race is another.

I thought in God's eyes, we are all one child and unique, regardless of skin color.

When will the gov't step in and start admonishing and banning ministers from entering politics?

They are to be preaching tolerance, patience and perserverance.

Instead, they seek more money and rob their own congregation.

It's a sick world out there.

I don't frankly give a damn who they elect in Chicago, but as one poster mentioned at one time, they don't "frankly, dear, give a damn". They are self-serving prophets and God knows where to place them once they leave earth.

Everyone has their own "GOD," as my aunt said. True, but when they rob and throw up store fronts, tax-exempt, rob their people in the neighborhood store fronts, exposing themselves as prophets of "God", I have a beef with that.

I say gov't should start taxing especially MEEKS and Jackson, and the Islamic IDIOT that wrote, "someday we will wipe out the white people" who lives in a MANSION in Indiana...(Farrakhan)...and you will see the little boobs in store fronts disappear like crazy, once taxed. Once you force them to open their books for brainwashing people.

I am so sick of these so called religious fanatics thinking they represent the rainbow of colors (skin), run for political office at no expense of their own...only to run the rest of the other than black skin people down.

Do you realize who built our roads, who built Buckingham Fountain...at least helped to build it? My best friend's father...straight from Italy...who warned before he died that they were gonna use cheap crap on the roads expressways, etc......to keep stealing money from taxpayers.

People need to go back to Africa who believe in this jerk.

The Meeks' attitude is the slave days. Who do you think were slaves while fighting WWI and WWII? People of all nationalities regardless of skin color, you racist idiot!

You and Davis, the rest of you, including Rham, are nothing to vote for. I wish Chicago would say, fluck all of you - none of the above.

The city will survive until they come up with someone eligible. All you see are renditions of Obama's "Yes We Can", but CAN'T! Greed.

Limit terms like VA, no one can seek office once your term is up...at least it goes for the gov there. Make it mandatory for all politicians, and watch how fast they don't apply for a 4 year term only.

That's the only way to get rid of the multiple pensions, corruption, and that, "Secure" job. No pensions. Pay soc. sec. like the rest of us. Idiots. Pay property taxes on your churches...storefronts or not and watch how much money comes into city coffers.

Geeze, you'd think these politicians would have a brain to think...they do: MONEY.....HOW CAN I ROB MORE?
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REV. TAX-EXEMPT MEEKS: Only Black Women Should Qualify for Minority Contracts!
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