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 Let’s Stop Panicking Over Half-Assed Terrorists Already

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PostSubject: Let’s Stop Panicking Over Half-Assed Terrorists Already   12/8/2010, 10:05 am

Finally, someone in counterterrorism gets it...

Quote :
Let’s Stop Panicking Over Half-Assed Terrorists Already

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab couldn’t manage to blow up a plane over Detroit last Christmas, kicking off a year’s worth of high-profile terror-fails. But that hasn’t stopped the U.S. government from freaking out — putting naked scanners in airports and groping passengers. Overreactions like that compelled one of its senior-most counterterrorism officials yesterday to implore the public not to hand al-Qaeda victories from the jaws of defeat.

. . .

Ultimately, Leiter said, it’ll be the “quiet, confident resilience” of Americans after a terrorist attack that will “illustrate ultimately the futility of terrorism.” That doesn’t mean not to hit back: Leiter quickly added that “we will hold those accountable [and] we will be ready to respond to those attacks.” But it does mean recognizing, he said, that “we help define the success of an attack by our reaction to that attack.”

And for more counterterrorism fail...

FBI informant infiltrates mosque, starts spouting jihad, gets turned in by Muslims. They even hit him with a restraining order. Wow.
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Let’s Stop Panicking Over Half-Assed Terrorists Already
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