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 Why Did This Have To Happen?

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PostSubject: Why Did This Have To Happen?   9/5/2011, 4:13 am

I read OTOB, Mr. Callahan was pushed down the stairs while inspecting a rental.

Why did this have to happen to the most reasonable, humble man of all? I can't fathom him raising his voice, being unable to reason with someone. This is totally shocking to me. It affected me so much, I wonder why this was not brought up on this board, or in the news.

It's terrible. Is he ok? What happened? Please tell him I am so sorry this happened to him. No one deserves this.

I wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope that for now on, a policeman would accompany the inspectors. If that's what it takes, that is what it takes.

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PostSubject: Re: Why Did This Have To Happen?   9/5/2011, 9:48 am

Ur,The story was just published last night. Considering what occurred,Mr Callahan was extremely gracious and did not press charges. Glad that he's going to be OK.
Code enforcement officer attacked during inspection
Quote :
HAMMOND | The city's top code enforcement officer said Friday that he's recovering after being attacked during an East Hammond rental inspection.
James Callahan, chief of inspections with the Hammond Building, Code Enforcement and Zoning Department, was shoved down a flight of stairs Wednesday afternoon by a tenant at an apartment building in the 1100 block of Summer Street, police said.
Officers responding to a call regarding a domestic disturbance at the address contacted code enforcement officials about the unsafe condition of the property, according to their reports.
Callahan was on duty and joined officers at the site, where he was grabbed and pushed down the stairs by a tenant, who was listed as the victim in the domestic call, police said.
"It was more a hurt to the ego than anything," Callahan said Friday. "I managed to grab the railing and didn't go all the way down, but I got some scrapes and bruises."
The 54-year-old tenant remained in custody Friday after a psychiatric evaluation was ordered in a Thursday hearing at Hammond City Court.
"I didn't want to press charges because it was clear that the guy had mental problems," Callahan said.
Callahan said he scheduled a meeting with all his inspectors on Tuesday for a refresher on maintaining awareness and keeping safe while on the job.
Animal Control officers removed several dogs reportedly covered in fleas from the building, police said.
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PostSubject: Re: Why Did This Have To Happen?   9/7/2011, 7:06 am

Thanks, Artie. I missed the part that it was in the paper when I read it on the OB.

My gosh, the comments left behind on that article seems to be JCMT under different aliases.

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PostSubject: Re: Why Did This Have To Happen?   

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Why Did This Have To Happen?
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