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 Debate on Legalizing Drugs in Mexico. RE: Mex. Pres. Calderon

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PostSubject: Debate on Legalizing Drugs in Mexico. RE: Mex. Pres. Calderon   8/7/2010, 9:38 am


Tue Aug 3, 7:43 pm ET
MEXICO CITY – President Felipe Calderon said he would consider a debate on legalizing drugs Tuesday as his government announced that more than 28,000 people have been killed in drug violence since he launched a crackdown against cartels in 2006.

Intelligence agency director Guillermo Valdes also said authorities have confiscated about 84,000 weapons and made total cash seizures of $411 million in U.S. currency and $26 million worth in pesos (330 million pesos).

Valdes released the statistics during a meeting with Calderon and representatives of business and civic groups, where attendees exploring ways to improve Mexico's anti-drug strategy called on the government to open a debate on legalization.

Calderon said he has taken note of the idea of legally regulating drugs in the past.

"It's a fundamental debate in which I think, first of all, you must allow a democratic plurality (of opinions)," he said. "You have to analyze carefully the pros and cons and the key arguments on both sides."

Three former presidents — Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Fernando Cardoso of Brazil — urged Latin American countries last year to consider legalizing marijuana to undermine a major source of income for cartels. And Mexico's congress also has debated the issue.

But Calderon has so far said he is opposed to the idea.

"I'm not talking just about marijuana," analyst and writer Hector Aguilar Camin said in proposing the debate Tuesday, "rather all drugs in general."

The most recent official toll of the drug war dead came in mid-June, when the attorney general said 24,800 had died. Valdes did not specify a time frame for the new statistics.

The government does not regularly break down murder statistics, but leading newspapers who kept their own counts say last month was the deadliest yet under Calderon: According to national daily Milenio, 1,234 were killed in July.

The Mexican government says most victims were involved in the drug trade.

Some attendees criticized the government for lacking consistent statistics on the drug war and an effective way to communicate its successes. They also said the government needs to do more to combat the financial arm of organized crime.

"There's no systematic policy for investigating or seizing the assets of organized crime," said Jose Luis Pineyro of Mexico's Autonomous Metropolitan University, "nor a system of locating the properties of organized crime."

(This version CORRECTS spelling of last name to Camin)

Funny....read he already legalized it in the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Well, it seems the word is spreading. Detroit wants to legal mariguana...


This legalizing drugs in Mexico will only be sucessful if the US follows in their footsteps. It will provide revenue and much needed revenue...afterall, people will flock to Mexico and the smugglers will still cross the border to haul the drugs if the USA doesn't do as Mexico does. That's my opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Debate on Legalizing Drugs in Mexico. RE: Mex. Pres. Calderon   8/7/2010, 9:41 am

Well, here's Detroit's Version:

Legalize marijuana in Detroit? Residents likely to decide in fall as council avoids vote

Published: Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 2:07 PM Updated: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 6:27 AM

Jonathan Oosting | MLive.com
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Should it be legal to possess a small amount of marijuana in Detroit?

Residents should have the opportunity to weigh in this November, as the Detroit City Council today passed up an opportunity to amend a city ordinance and make it legal themselves.

Last month, the Coalition for a Safer Detroit submitted close to 6,000 petition signatures to City Clerk Janice Winfrey, who approved roughly 4,500.

The group's proposal would amend the city code to allow anyone over the age of 21 to legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana on private property. Driving a motor vehicle while high would remain illegal.

The City Council had 30 days to approve the amendment or pass it on to voters, and The Detroit News reports they chose the latter option today after a recommendation from city attorney Dennis Mazurek.

Mazurek told the council it could not pass an ordinance conflicting with state law, but he refused to comment when reporters asked him what would happen if voters approved the change.

On its website, the Coalition for a Safer Detroit argues that Detroit police have more pressing concerns than marijuana use, suggesting that "in a time of diminishing tax revenue and limited resources, Detroit law enforcement must focus on crimes which have a direct impact upon people and property in the community."

The group also acknowledges that state laws trump local ordinances, noting that officers could still charge a marijuana user under state law if they chose. But like the federal government's deference to state medical marijuana laws, the group hopes the local law would send a message to city officials that residents want law enforcement resources used in other ways.
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Debate on Legalizing Drugs in Mexico. RE: Mex. Pres. Calderon
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