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 Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic

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PostSubject: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   7/14/2010, 11:21 am


Impact on them. Only 13% do.

Who do you think the 13% are? The politicians.


I wonder how he would feel about this issue if he had his own daughters "aborted" if Michelle "insisted"?

Obama Administration OKs First Tax-Funded Abortions Under Health Care Law

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
July 13, 2010

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Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The Obama administration has officially approved the first instance of taxpayer funded abortions under the new national government-run health care program. This is the kind of abortion funding the pro-life movement warned about when Congress considered the bill.

The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to set up a new "high-risk" insurance program under a provision of the federal health care legislation enacted in March.

It has quietly approved a plan submitted by an appointee of pro-abortion Governor Edward Rendell under which the new program will cover any abortion that is legal in Pennsylvania.

The high-risk pool program is one of the new programs created by the sweeping health care legislation, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama signed into law on March 23. The law authorizes $5 billion in federal funds for the program, which will cover as many as 400,000 people when it is implemented nationwide.

"The Obama Administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million in federal tax funds, which we've discovered will pay for insurance plans that cover any legal abortion," said Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee.

Johnson told LifeNews.com: "This is just the first proof of the phoniness of President Obama's assurances that federal funds would not subsidize abortion -- but it will not be the last."

"President Obama successfully opposed including language in the bill to prevent federal subsidies for abortions, and now the Administration is quietly advancing its abortion-expanding agenda through administrative decisions such as this, which they hope will escape broad public attention," Johnson said.

The abortion funding comes despite language in the bill that some pro-abortion Democrats and Obama himself claimed would prevent abortion funding and despite a controversial executive order Obama signed supposedly stopping abortion funding.

The pro-life community strongly opposed the executive order and said Rep. Bart Stupak and other House Democrats who voted for the pro-abortion health care bill in exchange for it were selling out their pro-life principles. This first case of forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions under the new law appears to prove them right that the bill language and executive order were ineffective.

Proving the point further that the abortion funding comes from federal taxpayer dollars, Johnson explained that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has emphasized that the high-risk pool program is a federal program and that the states will not incur any cost.

On May 11, 2010, in a letter to Democratic and Republican congressional leaders on implementation of the new law, DHHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote that “states may choose whether and how they participate in the program, which is funded entirely by the federal government.”

Johnson says that on June 28, Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Joel Ario (a member of the appointed cabinet of Governor Edward Rendell, a Democrat) issued a press release announcing that the federal Department of Health and Human Services had approved his agency's proposal for implementing the new program in Pennsylvania.

"The state will receive $160 million to set up the program, which will provide coverage to as many as 5,600 people between now and 2014," according to the release. "The plan's benefit package will include preventive care, physician services, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, mental health services, prescription medications and much more, with subsidized premiums of $283 a month."

Johnson says the "much more" Ario refers to is abortion funding.

The section on abortion (see page 14) asserts that "elective abortions are not covered," though it does not define elective -- which Johnson calls a "red herring."

The proposal specifies coverage "includes only abortions and contraceptives that satisfy the requirements of" several specific statutes, the most pertinent of which is 18 Pa. C.S. § 3204, which says abortion is legal in Pennsylvania. The statute essentially says all abortions except those to determine the sex of the baby are legal.

"Under the Rendell-Sebelius plan, federal funds will subsidize coverage of abortion performed for any reason, except sex selection," said NRLC's Johnson. "The Pennsylvania proposal conspicuously lacks language that would prevent funding of abortions performed as a method of birth control or for any other reason, except sex selection -- and the Obama Administration has now approved this."

Will he pay for his own daughters if they decide to have abortions, and without a guilty conscious?

He has no conscious...
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PostSubject: Re: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   7/14/2010, 11:29 am

I'm really upset at "giving money for abortions," when so many couples run ads begging to give good homes to babies....

There should be a mandatory, NO ABORTIONS whatsoever in the US. If you don't want the child, give it to the millions that cry everyday for one.

We should respect human life.

Those dumb enough to take the "easy way out" are so damn stupid, there should be a law against "stupidity...and start with Obama".

It should be a law that anyone who gets pregnant, and doesn't want to be pregnant for any reason...be forced to fulfill the rest of the "act that got them p.g. in the first place" and force them to give that baby up for adoption.

Maybe once they carry it to full term, they'll realize no more free handouts for a night of pleasure at the expense of taxpayers.

Obama, you are one, terrible, terrible immoral POTUS.

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PostSubject: Re: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   7/14/2010, 11:48 am

UrRight wrote:
There should be a mandatory, NO ABORTIONS whatsoever in the US. If you don't want the child, give it to the millions that cry everyday for one.

Yup. Every 12 yr old raped and impregnated by their father should be forced to carry the baby to term.

Think of the children!

Er... the child that doesn't exist yet, that is. Not the one that's actually going to suffer through such a horrific tragedy.
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PostSubject: Re: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   7/14/2010, 1:53 pm

Heretic wrote:
UrRight wrote:
There should be a mandatory, NO ABORTIONS whatsoever in the US. If you don't want the child, give it to the millions that cry everyday for one.

Yup. Every 12 yr old raped and impregnated by their father should be forced to carry the baby to term.

Think of the children!

Er... the child that doesn't exist yet, that is. Not the one that's actually going to suffer through such a horrific tragedy.

I'm sorry I left that part out, and the fact that someone was raped by a stranger, or a woman who would die if giving birth.

I was referring to the women that just don't give a damn, and kill their kids like the recent woman in the P-T and Times that hated the little baby cuz she reminded her of the father.

Cut off the welfare after one child. No extra money, and see what that does...they then will have to pay a price for being morally stupid. The child would automatically become a ward of the state, and given to a hoping, loving family...that CAN provide a decent environment and loving atmosphere.

I do agree with your exceptions, but after one mistake, don't you believe the public should not be forced to add hundreds and hundreds per month based on the number of children, and provide public housing assistance, and food stamps, based on the number of times they "conceived" 4 babies with four different fathers...and the woman I was speaking of...she went to jail pregnant again! What kind of life for the children she left behind, with four different daddies.

I think it's time to withhold and put a line on the amount of help per the quota they enjoy producing. Most of the fathers are felons, irresponsible, because they KNOW the state will pay for their responsibilities. I'm appalled, but not surprised, with the deficit we are in, that this POTUS would support these a-holes, white, black, yellow or green. It makes me think of China forcing women to abort baby girls....and where are our morals sending business overseas to support this Communist country that does such mis-deeds. Horrible mis-deeds.
We are in the hole for sending aid to countries that don't even share our beliefs, our freedom. All over money, so pizz on you big-shot politicians. As long as you have your servants and vacations, you don't give a damn about morals.

Close the damn borders, bring the troops home, and guard our country and we wouldn't be in this damn mess of supporting illegals which is draining the economy, and the war that will never be won. Let them kill each other over religion, not kill our innocent young soldiers. We have the means to protect without going over there. Democracy is what they want to teach other countries? Hell, this is starting to be a communist country when you can't even enjoy a smoke in a casino. Bunch of crap. This country can't take care of other countries until it takes care of itself. We are on the verge of losing our own country and what my father, uncles, brothers fought for. Smoking is the biggest thrill on their list in our country? How about the killings, the gun smoke, the bombs, the whateva they are adding to the atmosphere in Afganistan and Iraq? We're worried about rebuilding their countries, when ours is deteriorating with sink holes, no jobs, etc.? It's really sickening.

And force those MUSLIM women to conform to our standards. Show your face in public...not a slit of the eyes. How do we know you aren't a walking suicide bomber. I don't wear my religion on the sleeve, NOR should you.

And, for the last part, today the Times of Northwest Indiana/IL showed an article in complete Spanish. Last time I ever click on that freaking link or ever buy a newspaper from them. How demoralizing can they get,....this is America...read English. Especially if you are driving and have no license, how did you manage to read the road signs in the first place, much lastly, how did you pass a test at the DMV? That's why I say, "get the hell out of here". You are threatening my life on the road as much as I would if I had to go drive in Mexico without a drivers' license not knowing Spanish.

What's next...presenting articles in Polish, French, German, etc? in an American local newspaper? I'm pizzed off right now. Sorry.

Close the damn borders, bring the troops here to protect our country, and YES, ask them if they are legal. Does Mexico ask that? YES! Does every other country ask that of us? YES. And they play this game that we're profiling. Damn right, we should be...cuz they add to our money woes, drug wwars, not paying taxes, and collecting welfare. Why are we thinking we're so above any other country when they would expect us to be opening our trunks, checking our passports, asking what kind of trinket you are bringing back to the U.S. after a vacation? What's wrong with following the FEDERAL LAW that this POTUS just doesn't understand? He's stupid, that's all I gotta say. Stupid is as STUPID does. I don't care what party, what color, this guy is STUPID.

Notice now, how the Republicans are being sucky-uppie, introducing a slash in defense spending, etc., taking advantage of this slump in democrats....?

I don't trust any of them.

The only answer is a four year term, and go back to whatever you went to school for. Make room for the recent graduates, and change this country's way of giving us no choice to vote for anyone that we feel will do the job.

Sending his wife to the beach to show there aren't any "tar balls" is demeaning to those that lost their livelihood...the witch gets to go home to servants.

He doesn't lead...neither does the GOP. They can all resign and give us the option of fresh, new leadership. Get rid of the damn lobbyists and campaign contributions and watch how fast the gov't changes for the good. Run on merit, no connections.

Vote for anyone you don't know...cuz anyone is better than those we already have known for decades that didn't do a damn thing but sell America to China for trinkets.

I'm sick of the gov't, Blue or Red. I'm voting for anyone I don't know...anyone is better than these career a-holes.

Obama did shitz that he promised the first year...remember him promising to "legalizing pot?" I do...whether I agree or not...he hasn't hit anything on his list but a few tar balls and golf balls.

If you read any of the polls, the articles based on him, and scroll down to the negativity of the comments, you can immediately tell the whole country is fed up with him and want him impeached.

He's from Chicago, the machine, and brought the money-presses with him.

His motto should be, "We print everything but REAL money!"

That isn't real money he is giving out...cut the subsidizing of other countries, withdraw from the ancient war they need to "Win", and cut out the babies 4 different fathers, and no added incentives to having more than one, and bring back our jobs. China...paying for leaded trinkets.

Screw them...how? Tell the CEOs to go where they shipped their jobs and transport their families and eat rat in their tacos. Tax the hell out of them...and start stimulous money for the ones who fought for our freedom and allow our own citizens the stimulous to jump start the economy ourselves. Tell the banks to go to hell by not paying your credit cards. YAH? Why? My own mother used one once and had it for years...was told that if she didn't charge $2,400.00 on it, they were going to terminate it. Oh yeah? Chopped it in pieces and told them to "go to hell". You aren't going to get any credit even after paying off your credit without additional prices to pay, so I tore mine up, sent them back and told them where to go.

Pay cash...don't leave your money in the bank...give them the medicine they are dishing out.

Fight back. My parents didn't own a credit card during the sixties. Everyone didn't own one. Why do we need them now?

They can stick their banks up their azzes. I am paying cash...I don't need them...they the credit industry will dry up...you watch.

Sorry I went beyond the subject, but it all links together as to why nothing has changed until WE force career limitations in Congress...and I'm mad as hell that the same ole' crap is lung at us at every primary...they are gonna "do this or that". We're that dumb to vote in whatever they hand to us?


I bet a good portion of the voters would check that box, and maybe then, maybe, the good ole' lobbyists will disappear along with the pork projects and the career no-gooders who serve until they're 92. Imagine a difference had Kennedy not been around for as long as he was. This health-care issue is not what he had in mind, anyway. Kinda left Obama hanging, without guidance, that is.

Repo or Dumbos - demand a box claiming, "NON of the ABOVE". Watch what happends if that ever took place. The people of the USA no longer believe either party. I know I don't.
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PostSubject: Re: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   7/14/2010, 2:31 pm

Cutting off welfare probably wouldn't stop stupid pregnancies. Hubby says if you're on welfare, you should be sterilized (at least the 5 year injection). I would agree about giving the fetus to a couple that wants to adopt if they could figure out a way to transplant it so they could carry it. Taking away kids from welfare recipients won't work - the state puts "family" first. The kids would just end up in the foster system, not being adopted.
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PostSubject: Re: Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic   

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Almost 2/3rds of Americans Feel Obama Has No Economic
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