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 "Change" Can Hurt - But Aren't We Hurting Already?

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PostSubject: "Change" Can Hurt - But Aren't We Hurting Already?   8/28/2011, 10:07 am

Today I read another poll: Obama's falling again in the polls that I really don't care about.


I'm already sick of the campaign process: beginning before you barely finished the last one.

It seems to me the media decides for us, or Iowa decides for us whothe Republican/Democratic candidate is going to be.

There is one candidate, an independent a lot of people mentioned they favored, but he apparently gets no press exposure at all.

Is it because the candidate doesn't have the money, or is it the media or Iowa who stirs up the decision who is likely to become their choice? Who knows?

All I know is Congress is a big disappointment to all. I know that people feel Obama is not a strong enough leader, and if that isn't enough to know...the media has even played a bigger role in showing "Obama" failing by printing more and more pictures of him, minus the smile.

If you read enough reputable media outlets, you don't need a poll to tell you who is in, out, up or down.

It's no secret I don't care for Obama. It's no secret I don't like ANY of the candidates or their affiliated parties. Not yet.

So what's my point? I think that both the Democrats and Republicans are really serving the political machine, and not us. "US" meaning, the American people.

I feel the politicians spend more time focusing on the negative, therefore have lost their footing and purpose, and people want the kind of change that they thought they were being promised, only to again be let down.

I don't blame the leader only. I blame those who serve underneath him, by him, for him, with him. More so, the childish behavior of Congress itself.

It's no longer in their best interest to listen to and do what is right for the American people. Rather it's more like a game of blocking each other, pointing the finger, and accomplishing hardly anything that benefits anyone but themselves.

So, no matter what any poll says, it's not the voice of every voter. It's the voice of a certain percentage, and therefore, means squat to me.

When are these politicians going to do what's best for the country, not what's best for them?

I don't think I'll vote next year. The kind of "change" our country needs is not rocket science stuff.

It's called "common sense omitting greed!".
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"Change" Can Hurt - But Aren't We Hurting Already?
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