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PostSubject: OBAMA BOWS TO CHINESE COMMUNIST   4/12/2010, 8:06 pm


Bows to the country of "sweat shops".

Bows to a dictator that demands all female fetuses be aborted...

I guess he has to BOW, afterall what we owe China that we can make in our own country....he needs to BOW DOWN to desicrate the American dreams that floated away, the money he needs to keep pouring into other countries....and to hell with the USA...

You, CHING-CHANGE-CON mean more to the pc of crap POTUS than the American people.

If half of the population is only reporting on the Census, then clearly they know to do the figure x 2. Potus doesn't know math.

What an insult to the American people. I say ship him to China and then let us see him bow to a communist dictator.

I bet FLOTUS makes him do it every morning...and maybe it's just a natural "reflex".

Makes me sick. Never witnessed any POTUS bowing to another leader - especially a communist.

I wish he and his family would move there and live under their rules so he'd learn a lesson.

Dumbest POTUS I ever saw in my life. Most disrespectful bowing to a communist leader when he should be on his knees kissing our azzes for paying taxes to help lead his "Hoops and dreams".

Name ONE DAMN thing this idiot has done since he's been in office. ONE DAMN THING THAT EVER took effect and made you believe in Change.

I wish he'd really go kiss the azzes in foreign countries and live with them, since we're sending billions over to any old country.
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PostSubject: Re: OBAMA BOWS TO CHINESE COMMUNIST   4/12/2010, 9:42 pm

Rolling Eyes


For being an "independent", you never seem to stray far from the usual conservative talking points.
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