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 Qualkinbush objects over discussion/comments?"THE TRUTH?

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PostSubject: Qualkinbush objects over discussion/comments?   4/10/2010, 12:24 pm

I couldn't believe reading what I read below, from the NWI Times, posted in the NorthwestIndiana.com. If I didn't know the mayor and how the city works, I wouldn't bother commenting.

The truth is this: while wanting to lay-off policemen, despite the high-crime...and the fact no one wants to shop in Cal City, due to crime and high taxes, here are the facts:

Fatso has better insurance (also the cronies, even though they serve on the council - namely Nick Manipulous, own private businesses, with Nick, his brother in joint business venture, Nick serves on the council, his brother owns half the restaurant, and just gained a $25,00 raise, along with Quackinbushes' son. So, how much do they make now? Much less adding to the Enron Insurance that Enron didn't even enjoy.

Quack has a guaranteed life insurance beyond your imagination. She also hired her ex-husband. She doesn't live in IL but lives in Indiana. They are all in the pot for money, but she wants to blow apart cutups, blow against gang-bangers, but who does that? The Inspectors and the Police.

Here's the funny part...she's as crooked and worse than the former idiot running Cal City. It's their way, or the "highway". She never ever, came up with a follow-up story about that guy who purchased the motel on Torrence that wanted to convert it into a truck stop/ whatever, but it would have brought in more revenue than the "New YorK Style" restaurant that peeled out of town and landed in Tinley. The chicken shack took over and "lo-and-behold," it folded up a year later, because the telephone dealer told me next door, they were very unclean and dissed the customers.

Yet, she wanted a plan for security from that last owner, of the now-boarded up motel at 700 block of Torrence. They loved the revenue, until a councilwoman caught the husband getting a lap dance...boy, that revenue was good revenue....they placed in cameras, cops came. politicians came, every guy from city hall...until they got caught with what ended the place.

All is left is a boarded up building and a big old sign telling you to move into those new condos on Michigan Avenue, by the looks of the bent-up blinds, they all own pit-bulls. Whomever is wasting their money on the billboard should just buy out the place and rent it to low-lifes. Ask Quackl if she would move there.

Back to the point: People have the first amendment: Free Speech. If you find that obsecure, a breaking of the "law" to state your opinion...then you need to be locked up for hindering and harrasing the rights of others to free speech.

In fact, I am callng Lisa Madigan to tell her the truth about you. You're nothing but a lying' coniver.

Nick doesn't need the extra money, nor his brother. They run a successful restaurant visited by all the cops on any given day. Especially other politicians. Yet, they get raises, enjoy your ENRON insurance, and have a "screw you" attitude.

You, Quack are so damn guilty, that's why you want to not lay off your kid or your ex-husband, nor want it exposed you live in Indiana. You are a two-faced politician, ripping off Cal City.

You, Obama, Genova, and Stroger belong in a hand bag together. Get real. You don't give a crap about Cal City. You only care about EVIL which means, GREED is the root of all evil.

Alderman should volunteer...and you, should take a cut in pay, lay off your friends and family.

I can't post on the other board, but I hope someone copies this and puts it over there. She's a gold-digging, bling-bling- fatso.

Betty Maltese #2.

The Times wrote:
CALUMET CITY | Fifth Ward Alderman Roger Munda publicly took aim Thursday at an entity he thinks has been unfair to his colleagues in Calumet City government: the largely anonymous group of people who post comments on the news stories published at NWI.com.

Munda said during Thursday's City Council meeting that he thought much of the commentary posted about the activity of the City Council is unfair.

"We are all working collectively, very diligently, to try to solve our city’s problems," he said. "We are all very concerned about the people who hide behind the curtain of the Internet."

Munda, who was elected last year to his first term as an alderman, objects to the comments that readers are allowed to post at the end of stories as a way of encouraging a discussion on the issues.

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Qualkinbush objects over discussion/comments?"THE TRUTH?
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