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 LOUIS Farrkan: We're out to kill the POTUS

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PostSubject: LOUIS Farrkan: We're out to kill the POTUS   3/30/2010, 7:41 pm

Frgot you were in my basement for a year in DOLTON, I publishing your first edition of the "Final CALL" where you swore in that the first yeats editions to "whipe the whiteman out, and there will be a revolution in the EAST to carry out those we detest"

I'll forward the original copy to the FBI and hopefully they see why you pay no taxes, while instigating, "rid the white people", while you live in a tax-free castle.

You forgot the late '70s, when you first started out, owing 7.000 plus in printing services and never paid up. What's more concucsive is the fact you whispered in my ex's ear that you hate balck people..you only respect the MUSLIMS.

Time to turn over the proof and get you behind bars. Oh, I don't forget...Your drug-onfuced kid gets off in a drug related accident, but you got him off. FBI may not be so forgiving. Back in the '70s, $7,000 in credit was a lot...and you couldn't pay. You instead, built a mansion. I have my proof, have you? No, cux you are the "N's: just like you said...using people.

Funny how your Bow-tied guys stand in the middle of the street in Harvey, not bothering me to accept your racial-biased paper, and only seekout the black drivers.

Reporting to the FBI in person,. what I know because I met you personally, and scared the shitz out of me forcing me to write anti-white crap, which I still have copies of. Time to get you behind bars. Can't even take responsibility for a full grown child in a car accident. Sick of you black people that play on each other, yet "want to whipe out the white world". I'll be visiting the FBI office in Orland tomorrow. I know more about you than you know about yourself. And, hopefully, your mansion will be wanted for back taxes. You stoled from America to promote your beliefs that are full of crap.

Tell me, are you still with that Muslim woman you brought in my office in the '70s? Didn't think so. I'll make sure you pay for what you avoided since the 70s on the "White Man's Back"

Remember that guy you sent over to oversee my stypesetting, died of a heart attack? I think you killed him cuz he realized he was listening to me that this "was just wrong". Wallie, that was his name...how the fluck did Wallie die at age 30 working with me, cuz I told him this "was just wrong?"

But you didn't have two dimes to rub toether to screw us...and I think Wallie knew he was committing a crime and agreed with me that you were an idiot...he died three days later...yet you never paid your bill. I think it's time to reopen the case.

You walked in my house and printing company like you were the POTUS. I never fell for your shitz, you took years to try and pay off 7,000 dollars while opening up a damn stupid bakery, which we did the printing for, "Carrot cake, etc".

I'd love to shove a piece of uncooked pork down your throat like the ilks of you throw shitZ down our throats. Get the hell out and go to your Muslim community that suports your idiotic beliefs. Wallie got killed cuz he was forced to believe in you but respected me. YOU killed him for open speech. You are nothing but a banana with two limes between your legs. Your brain is a cult. Everyone supports you, but you couldn't support yourself one day without your "cult". God bless Wallie...he died in the '70s for really knowing the leader he was following was wrong...he was killed by his own preacher. I know that in my heart.
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LOUIS Farrkan: We're out to kill the POTUS
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