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 You Day Just Got Shorter?

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PostSubject: You Day Just Got Shorter?   3/2/2010, 9:45 pm


The Feb. 27 magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile may have shortened the length of each Earth day.

JPL research scientist Richard Gross computed how Earth's rotation should have changed as a result of the Feb. 27 quake. Using a complex model, he and fellow scientists came up with a preliminary calculation that the quake should have shortened the length of an Earth day by about 1.26 microseconds (a microsecond is one millionth of a second).

Perhaps more impressive is how much the quake shifted Earth's axis. Gross calculates the quake should have moved Earth's figure axis (the axis about which Earth's mass is balanced) by 2.7 milliarcseconds (about 8 centimeters, or 3 inches). Earth’s figure axis is not the same as its north-south axis; they are offset by about 10 meters (about 33 feet).

So I wonder if the earth shirting from it's axis will or ever has had the ability to affect weather patterns? Think it's too small of a change to make any difference? I hear even this small movement might cause an issue with satellites and GPS calculations.

The Bible claims that in the end times there will be a lot of earthquakes all over the place but if you think anything man can do on the surface will stop earthquakes you're just kidding yourself. I have often thought, and may even have posted, that it's possible that the earth would at some point move towards it's true axis. We now see that actually isn't impossible! May never happen but over time it could.
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You Day Just Got Shorter?
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