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 You're Either a Politician, or your OUT OF A JOB!

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PostSubject: You're Either a Politician, or your OUT OF A JOB!   2/18/2010, 2:34 pm

Isn't it great to work all your life, only to retire and find out the politicians borrowed from your pension? My parents lost 10 grand due to Bush...now this!


Study: States must fill $1 trillion pension gap

While our WWII vets/wives worked all their lives, socking away for retirement pensions, our politicians enjoy mostly more than one pension working and playing musical chairs to different electoral or self-appointed positions, holding different positions at the same time, collecting pensions from each office, are we that stupid? Yeah, cuz we can't find the loophole...cuz all politicians do it.

I recall one letter from a professor from Evanston that retired, and was told she "had to wait for her pension" because the money wasn't there (in IL).

This is a really sick thing...I'm so sick of the way our country is run, that I swear to goodness, when the time is ripe, I am still gonna head for a tropical island. What's here for me or anyone?

Once my parents go...I go...I have nothing to lose but this political shananigan, ignorant politicial field that is doing nothing but encouraging the rich to go to tropical islands where their money isn't taxed. Yes, my sis in law's sis and her hubby are on their way there now, Houston isn't nice enough.

Warmer weather, living on less, paying for less, and all without the stress. The politicians then will have to rely on foreignors that depend on welfare, food stamps and free medical and beg them to pay some taxes so they can live....yes!!!!!!

There's no reason to stay in the USA where you can see the sea, the sunshine, live on ten buckaroos a day, eating shrimp, drinking tequila...what the hell are we staying here and crabbing about when you can eat crab....

Let the politicians have their way...Intelligent Americans....leave. You'll be stuck with what you sowed. Illegals...how are you gonna support them, Obama?

My extended family and immediate family are talking about this...leave the USA.

My ex enjoys the sunshine 24 months out of the year. Living on ten buckaroos in the fanciest place in southern Mexico, comes home to spend April through Sept., then lives the life in Mexico the rest of the time. Damn, if he can do it, so can I!

Buying a house that would be a mansion here, but ghetto money here. I'll exchange seasons with him. Naw, I'll just stay there.

Instead of fighting a worthless fight on ethics, MOVE. tHEY LOVE DOLING OUT, SO ALLOW THE ILLEGALS TO PAY THEM. lol Let the politicians eat what they sowed: pigsfeet, cow brains, rats, cats, dog paws, etc. Maybe if they lined up at the soup kitchen, that's gonna be the chow for the day....make sure PORK isn't on the menu....those Muslims can't eat pork...it'll send them to hell, no matter how hungry they are.

Feed the illegals to feed the politicians.org. That'll be on the next list.
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Posts : 3993

PostSubject: Re: You're Either a Politician, or your OUT OF A JOB!   2/18/2010, 3:00 pm

Don't steal that idea...I'm gonna open up a website: Feed the illegals to Feed the Politicians.org.

Abandon America so the ILLEGALS can SUPPORT POTUS and the STATES.org.

Come one, come all, come everyone...support the USA, cuz we're sick of supporting YOU! Uncle Sam needs you!
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You're Either a Politician, or your OUT OF A JOB!
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