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 "BYE, BYE, American Pie...."

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PostSubject: "BYE, BYE, American Pie...."   1/29/2010, 3:46 pm


Senate permits gov't to borrow an additional $1.9T

Oh, what the heck...money is no object at this point. They need to borrow again from other countries...when they gonna get it that:

"Eventually, you can't get pass Aunt Bertha in the family...you didn't pay mama or dadda, the siblings, grammaw keeled over, and Aunt Bertha needs what she has left." Duh.

Honestly, I can live in Mexico the best place in the world for less than ten bucks a day and not give a ratz azz how this country has destroyed itself. And, guess what? I'm not rich, but I know how to enjoy the better parts of life without these politicians with 26 SLAVES waiting on them in the kitchen, but still has a problem of body fat laying around.

I'm really getting sick of what isn't the USA anymore. I think eating shrimp, dining in the ocean with a drink in my hand, a maid, a room for less than ten bucks a day is the way to go. Nope, not gonna tell ya where it is...I need to be beside myself. Otherwise, everyone will be down there.

No dope, no thieves....just home-grown tourists environment....

When it's time, ADIOS!
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"BYE, BYE, American Pie...."
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