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 I Owe an Apology...re: Haiti

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PostSubject: I Owe an Apology...re: Haiti   1/23/2010, 1:18 pm

After coming across this article, I owe an apology. I felt before we, as Americans always were first at the scene of disasters in other countries. We lend money; we donate money, and I thought money isn't the answer. It depends on what article you read, whether it's the NYTimes, or the WallStreet Journal, or your local newspaper.

I was about to post another negative post stating that no matter how much money you throw at another country, who will help us...if it happened to America?

There was one article that described exactly what is going on in Haiti, that if it happened at the White House, the Capitol, what to expect. It opened my eyes.

But nothing like the followng link:



My 2nd cousin was adopted from Korea. 26 years ago. We only know nothing about her mom or dad. She's such a gem....my cousin (her mother)and I always wondered what her fate would have been if she had not been adopted. She's the smartest whip I have ever encountered. So, to those who adopted the Haiti orphans...hat's off to you.
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I Owe an Apology...re: Haiti
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