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 Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???

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PostSubject: Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???   12/29/2009, 4:03 pm


So, if the USA does this, wouldn't it be the right thing to do? Give a message...you are NOT welcomed here. Close the borders. Do like the communists. Just don't act like them. Put the rules in. YOU are NOT welcomed here until the religious WAR is over.

No one allowed here until the war ends. End of problem.

North Korea: American detained after illegal entry

December 29, 2009
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???   12/29/2009, 5:45 pm

So we close the Mexican border until the Iraq and Afghan wars are over???
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???   12/29/2009, 8:16 pm

KarenT wrote:
So we close the Mexican border until the Iraq and Afghan wars are over???

No Karen, meant close all borders. Don't allow anyone in without a proper visa. Use the money left from the stimulus plan ro "x-ray" even the body piercing, boob implants that cry out it violates their rights.
Don't give a hoot how they arrived here.. Meet the criteria of US standards, don't take for granted other country's standards. Make them leave once thier trips are done..and just secure Canadian borders and Mexico.

Just take what's left from the stimulus, stick it in x-ray machines that show nothing but the bare bones with hidden bombs, and unfortunately, the boob-lifts, the pierced dicks, and let them suffer. They choosed to do that crap, but country first.
Before all this takes place, hush the illegals home, change the rules about coming here, having babies making them automatic citizens.
Think about that Brazil country who thought they owned that father's child. If another country can do something so immoral, it's time for us to get "immoral". We need to quit being a door-mat. Things have gotten so out of control, we can't even control the evil entering this country, yet expect jobless workers to absorb this insanity. Rules have to be re-applied and re-enforced.
Obama is playing vacation how many times this year while promising to send billions to other countries, to purchase more guns, ammunition, etc. While he's away, we almost suffered another 911 while he's on a golf course. Call that a leader? I call him an a-hole. I call it like I see it. He and his family haven't come down yet from their "new home". They're on cloud nine. Entitled.

What POTUS keeps quiet on something we're fighting 8 years for, that could affect our country in seconds, re-enacting 911 and doesn't come out of his cubby hole to show leadership? His words were weak. His VP was silenced.. Napo was an idiot...who the hell is leading this country? I though Bush was an A-HOLE, he tops him.
I expected at least McCain raising "cain". Silence.

I heard today, expect EASTER to be the real 911 that won't fail. This administration exposes too much yet, says so little. No wonder the world is laughing. We have young kids from wealthy families that are lonely, joining jihad...we don't stand a chance unless we launch a bomb in the new little country with no law, that practices how to blow up America. It'll happen. They know we don't have a freaking leader. Just a party boy, golf boy, and a townhall guy. He is crap! I gave him time to prove to me I may have made a mistake not voting for McCain. But you know what? McCain would have conducted himself as a POTUS. And, he wouldn't dare have been exposed on tv, or vacationing as much as this present piece of shitz POTUS has. He wouldn't have had the time to party or go on TV. Cuz he knows and knew what we were headed for.
I bet he goes to bed each night praying that Obama grows up and at least acts the part, instead of pretending he knows what he doesn't. He needs to go back to reality...Chicago, and take the clan with him. Thank God, I already know by next year that pc of shitz will be out, impeached for incompetence, cuz something terrible is going to happen to us until he quits his golf, and partying.

He won't quit that..brace for Easter. I have a daughter on a world tour next year..London, around the world. I should be happy. Instead I am scared shitzless for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???   12/29/2009, 8:20 pm

Sorry, meant I gave Potus time to see if I made a mistake voting for McCain...not the other way around...
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PostSubject: Re: Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???   

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Imagine This Happening Here, & Why Isn't IT???
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