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 Merry Christmas To Everyone & Happy New Year!

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PostSubject: Merry Christmas To Everyone & Happy New Year!   12/24/2009, 8:11 pm

My biggest wish is good health to everyone.

My next biggest wish is to have America restored to "our land and liberty".

Because I had such a wondeful childhood, I want that for every one else in this generation and upcoming generations.

I pray our whole world will someday realize that war is not the answer. Peace onto YOU, is the answer. Imagine how many little lives are affected in Iraq, Iran, Afaghanistan, when those children must wake up with fear in their hearts. I pray for peace more than anything for those children. I also pray for peace for the children in the USA. What a load they will have to carry to bring our old USA back to what it used to be.

I pray that like MLK, we will not be juged by the color of our skin, but instead the character, the heart, the mind we have within.

I really pray to God for me not to get mad, decietful, vindictive, and do the opposite, to show I really mean I am who I am. I would not want others to judge me from the outside...but I need guidance to show I am not that meanie on the inside.

I pray that our world can somehow, reconcile. That the whole world realizes that violence, war, and what results in poverty is not the answer. That we can all become one and live in harmony. That's not just my prayer...it's a whole big wish. Wouldn't that be great, walking around in harmony? Insteaed of blowing body parts around and blowing up families...no matter what color, creed or religion you are. We all are entitled to our own beliefs.

It's so sad to think we are spending money needlessly where we can feed those poor children, give them proper medical care...instead of financing the very weapons that blow us apart from everyone.

That's the true nature of where we're not really attacking a problem. We're enabling it to continue.

My heart goes out to those around the world that don't have a voice. I love you, and I am thinking of you. Someday I hope to be there to help you. Until then, I'm on the other side of the world, making sure I did my part to make things a little better, knowing I need to do much more to make it a whole lot better!

I hope the whole world joins me in trying to help the whole world unite again.

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Merry Christmas To Everyone & Happy New Year!
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